100 Years of Eyeshadow

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As vintage makeup trends continue to fall in and out of style, looking into decades past will inevitably provide insight into the next internet-breaking craze. From winged eyeliner to Euphoria-style glittery eyes, it’s all been done before, just differently. Let’s take a walk back in time for a little forward-thinking inspiration.

1920’s: Fringe dresses and long strands of pearls weren’t the only styles we borrowed from the flapper era. Kohl’d eyes and pencil-thin brows ruled the prohibition scene. During this time, Maybelline took the beauty industry by storm with the release of cake mascara.

1930’s: The depression-era kept the pencil-thin brows but took on a more severe daytime look by applying petroleum jelly and black eyeliner to lids. Hollywood starlet Greta Garbo hit the nightlife scene with a sultry vamp look that still stands the test of time.

1940’s: With World War II in focus during the 1940s, women kept daytime makeup simple with a fresh face and bright red lipstick.

1950’s: As the war ended, makeup became more colorful and playful. The iconic Pinup style was born with the introduction of winged eyeliner and bright red lipstick.

1960’s: The era of free love had a few iconic looks come out of its decade, but they were all focused on the eyes. Colorful shadows took over the Mod scene, while glitter and appliques defined hippie chic. London emporium Biba introduced colorful shadows, face glosses, and more for darker skin tones.

1970’s: The color trends continue in the disco era with brightly hued eye makeup accented with black kohl liner. The 1970’s also introduced punk makeup onto the scene.

1980’s: As if the Dancing Queen decade didn’t give us enough color, the 1980s brought beautiful neons and creative contouring.

1990’s: The grunge era ushered in moody pallets and dark lipstick, while Supermodels like Naomi Campbell popularized the suede shades.

2000’s: Lash extensions might have been born in 1920’s Hollywood, but the lash bar craze began in the 2000s when JLo debuted fox fur lashes. Pale hues with thick liners and bushy brows completed the ultimate millennium look.

2010’s: Instagram and reality stars changed the beauty industry in the 2010s. Stars like Kim Kardashian popularized matte skin and the perfect contour. As social media grows, YouTube makeup tutorials became extremely popular and created content for a diverse audience unlike ever before.

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