100 TV Trivia Questions (With Answers) to Test Your Tube Knowledge

Be honest: How much TV do you watch in a day? In a week? Is there a show (or more than one!) that you can recite episodes from by heart?

Whether you're a soap opera addict, a sucker for drama, in it for laughs, or just an armchair game show contestant, television has gotten us through a lot over time, so don't let anyone tell you that your binge-watching sessions are a waste of time. These TV trivia questions and answers, divvied up into easy TV trivia questionsold/classic TVsitcom trivia and hard TV trivia will put your television knowledge to the test!

TV Trivia Questions and Answers

Easy TV Trivia Questions

1. Question: What does Michael Scott eat for lunch on The Office that makes him fall asleep?
Answer: A whole chicken pot pie

2. Question: What is the name of Negan's bat on The Walking Dead?
Answer: Lucille

3. Question: Michael Cera's character in Arrested Development shares a name with which pop legend?
Answer: George Michael

4. Question: What is Dorothy Zbornak's job on The Golden Girls?
Answer: Substitute teacher

5. Question: Stars from which classic '90s sitcom also appeared in Blossom?
Answer: The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

6. Question: What is The Munsters' address?
Answer: 1313 Mockingbird Lane

7. Question: Prosecutors complained about which TV show influencing real-life juries?
Answer: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

8. Question: Which Game of Thrones star was nominated for an Emmy for every single season?
Answer: Peter Dinklage

9. Question: What did Lucille Ball try to sell in a commercial on I Love Lucy?
Answer: Vitameatavegemin

10. Question: Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta co-starred in what drama?
Answer: Shades of Blue

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11. Question: Where did Roseanne Conner work in the original run of Roseanne?
Answer: The Lunchbox

12. Question: South Park takes place in which state?
Answer: Colorado

13. Question: The character Daria first appeared in which other animated series?
Answer: Beavis and Butthead

14. Question: How many people did Annalise Keating kill on How to Get Away With Murder?
Answer: 0

15. Question: Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper got their big breaks in which TV show?
Answer: Alias

16. Question: What current TV show is the longest-running live-action primetime show ever?
Answer: Law & Order: SVU

17. Question: What was Beaver Cleaver's real first name on Leave It to Beaver?
Answer: Theodore

18. Question: Who was Bart Simpson's teacher?
Answer: Mrs. Krabappel

19. Question: Queen Latifah starred in which sitcom?
Answer: Living Single

20. Question: In The Jeffersons theme song, where were they "movin' on up" to?
Answer: "To the East Side / To a deluxe apartment in the sky."

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21. Question: What was the Bayside High gang's hangout spot on Saved By the Bell?
Answer: The Max

22. Question: What instrument did "The Mother" play in How I Met Your Mother?
Answer: Bass

23. Question: Danny Tanner and Aunt Becky worked together on which show in Full House?
Answer: Good Morning San Francisco

24. Question: Which coffeehouse did Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey hang out in on Friends?
Answer: Central Perk

25. Question: Brandy played the title character in which TV show?
Answer: Moesha

Old/Classic TV Trivia Questions

26. Question: What TV show invented the rerun to allow its star time to recover during and after pregnancy?
Answer: I Love Lucy

27. Question: For how many total years did Ed Asner play Lou Grant?
Answer: 12

28. Question: Which TV series has a "lost episode" due to the assassination of then-President John F. Kennedy?
Answer: The Joey Bishop Show

29. Question: Esther Rolle starred as Florida Evans on which two classic TV series?
Answer: Good Times and Maude

30. Question: Which fellow Golden Girls cast member had a recurring role on Maude with Bea Arthur?
Answer: Rue McClanahan

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31. Question: Which was the first show Norman Lear produced?
Answer: The Martha Raye Show

32. Question: Cast members of which two classic shows guest-starred on the series finale of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?
Answer: The Jeffersons and Diff'rent Strokes

33. Question: Where did Ralph Kramden threaten to send his wife on The Honeymooners?
Answer: To the moon

34. Question: Which TV host initially refused to book Elvis Presley, but then made his performances even more famous?
Answer: Ed Sullivan

35. Question: Mama's Family was a spinoff from what show?
Answer: The Carol Burnett Show

36. Question: Who gave Bobby his first kiss on The Brady Bunch?
Answer: Millicent

37. Question: Mork of Mork and Mindy was from which planet?
Answer: Ork

38. Question: Laverne and Shirley was a spinoff of which show?
Answer: Happy Days

39. Question: Which character in The Wonder Years is killed in the Vietnam War?
Answer: Winnie Cooper's older brother, Brian

40. Question: Fred Sanford often called his son what insult on Sanford and Son?
Answer: Dummy

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41. Question: Dick Loudon lives where in the show Newhart?
Answer: Vermont

42. Question: What was the very first African American two-parent family sitcom?
Answer: Good Times

43. Question: Who does Barbara marry in One Day at a Time?
Answer: Mark Royer

44. Question: Who was Blake Carrington's business rival on Dynasty?
Answer: Cecil Colby

45. Question: Who voiced Charlie Townsend in the original Charlie's Angels?
Answer: John Forsythe

46. Question: The SS Minnow's infamous three-hour tour took off from which city in Gilligan's Island?
Answer: Honolulu, Hawaii

47. Question: In The Twilight Zone, who was the howling man?
Answer: Satan (the devil)

48. Question: Who was Samantha's nosy neighbor in Bewitched?
Answer: Gladys Kravitz

49. Question: The Love Boat was set on which cruise ship?
Answer: MS Pacific Princess

50. Question: In the movie M*A*S*H, Donald Sutherland played the same role as which star in the TV series?
Answer: Alan Alda

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Sitcom Trivia Questions

51. Question: What is the name of Winston's cat in New Girl?
Answer: Ferguson

52. Question: Who played Phoebe Buffay's twin sister on Friends?
Answer: Helen Hunt

53. Question: Which character's catchphrase was "pop pop!" on Community?
Answer: Magnitude

54. Question: Who pooped in the bed on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia?
Answer: Frank Reynolds

55. Question: Joseph Gordon-Levitt got his big break on what sitcom?
Answer: Third Rock From the Sun

56. Question: What is the name of Toby's daughter on The Office?
Answer: Sasha

57. Question: In which borough of New York City do the vampires live in What We Do In the Shadows?
Answer: Staten Island

58. Question: Which character filled in for Liz Lemon, then showed up wearing the same outfit as her on 30 Rock?
Answer: Frank Rossitano

59. Question: Juno Temple's Ted Lasso character is based on which of her real-life co-stars?
Answer: Keeley Hazell

60. Question: Which Roseanne cast member went on to star in Scrubs?
Answer: Sarah Chalke

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61. Question: Which Modern Family character is Claire Dunphy's half-brother?
Answer: Joe

62. Question: Which Grown-ish character is a political science major?
Answer: Analisa "Ana" Patricia Torres

63. Question: Which of the core male That '70s Show characters is the only one who never dated Jackie Burkhart?
Answer: Eric Foreman

64. Question: Family Matters began as a spinoff of which sitcom?
Answer: Perfect Strangers

65. Question: In Bob Hearts Abishola, Bob works where?
Answer: Compression sock company

66. Question: How did Charlie Sheen's character Charlie Harper die in Two And A Half Men?
Answer: He was pushed in front of a train

67. Question: The biggest rival company to the Bluths' in Arrested Development is what?
Answer: Sitwell

68. Question: What color is Martin Crane's recliner on Frasier?
Answer: Green

69. Question: What is the Huangs' restaurant named in Fresh Off the Boat?
Answer: Cattletown Ranch

70. Question: On The Good Place, Jason Mendoza is a fan of which NFL team?
Answer: Jacksonville Jaguars

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71. Question: Issa's boyfriend Lawrence wants to develop an app called what on Insecure?
Answer: Woot-Woot

72. Question: On The Big Bang Theory, Penny is a waitress at which restaurant?
Answer: Cheesecake Factory

73. Question: Which character on Everybody Loves Raymond has a "crazy chin?"
Answer: Robert

74. Question: Maxwell Sheffield frequently complains about his professional rivalry with whom?
Answer: Andrew Lloyd Webber

75. Question: What does Victoria do for a living on Mike & Molly?
Answer: Funeral home beautician

Hard TV Trivia Questions

76. Question: Who leads Edith Cranwinkle's quilting circle in Bob's Burgers?
Answer: Lillian

77. Question: George Costanza appears in every Seinfeld episode except which one?
Answer: "The Pen"

78. Question: What does Captain Holt's husband do for a living in Brooklyn Nine-Nine?
Answer: Columbia University Classics Department Chair

79. Question: What's the name of Al Bundy's grandfather in Married... With Children?
Answer: Jebediah Bundy

80. Question: What is Alex Dunphy's middle name on Modern Family?
Answer: Anastasia

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81. Question: On House, the title doctor's wife is a fan of which singer?
Answer: Amy Grant

82. Question: On That '70s Show, Red Foreman admits he only stuck his foot in someone's ass during what time?
Answer: When he served in Iwo Jima

83. Question: Who sings the Baywatch theme "I'm Always Here?"
Answer: Jimi Jameson

84. Question: Step By Step takes place in Wisconsin, but their opening credits sequence was filmed where?
Answer: Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California

85. Question: How did Eddie get the nickname "Eddie Spaghetti" on Frasier?
Answer: He had worms!

86. Question: How much did Leslie Bluth think a banana costs on Arrested Development?
Answer: $10

87. Question: Which is the only male roommate on The Big Bang Theory without a doctorate?
Answer: Howard

88. Question: Kalinda Sharma was married under what name on The Good Wife?
Answer: Leela Tahiri

89. Question: Harold Gould played not one, but two of Rose Nylund's boyfriends on The Golden Girls. Which role was first?
Answer: Arnie

90. Question: Who played John Wayne Gacy in American Horror Story: Hotel — and which other serial killer did he play in another project?
Answer: John Carroll Lynch, who played the Zodiac Killer in Zodiac

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91. Question: In Blue Bloods, what does Jamie keep in his hat?
Answer: A photo of his late brother, Joe

92. Question: Alfonso Ribeiro's famous "Carlton Dance" was inspired by which two other notorious sets of moves?
Answer: Eddie Murphy's "White Boy Dance" and Courteney Cox in the music video for Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In the Dark"

93. Question: Kesha appeared in what reality series before she became famous?
Answer: The Simple Life

94. Question: What actor was considered for Gibbs on NCIS before casting Mark Harmon?
Answer: Scott Bakula

95. Question: In Seinfeld, Kramer's name was actually what in the pilot?
Answer: Kessler

96. Question: How old does Michael Scott think Pam's mother is on The Office when they celebrate her birthday?
Answer: 54

97. Question: Which regular Law & Order: SVU cast member first appeared on the show as a sexual assault survivor?
Answer: Kelli Giddish

98. Question: The first toilet flush ever heard on American television occurred on which show?
Answer: All In the Family

99. Question: Approximately what is Jed Clampett's fortune at the end of The Beverly Hillbillies adjusted for inflation?
Answer: $878 million

100. Question: What is the name of Dana Scully's dog in The X-Files?
Answer: Queequeg

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