100 Music Trivia Questions and Answers to Stump Your Friends

We cover various genres that will inspire your next playlist.

If there's anything we can all agree on, it's that music is an integral part of life. Whether you're a jazz fan, a metalhead, a country lover or a hip-hop stan, music unites us, soothes us and engages us in a way that nothing else can—from making us think to making us dance and hold up lighters (or, you know, iPhones). We've rounded up some of the best music trivia questions and answers to puzzle your pals and maybe inspire you to create some sweet new playlists to share across several genres, including pop, rock, country, hip-hop and more.

100 music trivia questions and answers

Question: What singer has had a Billboard No. 1 hit in each of the last four decades?
Answer: Mariah Carey

Question: What was Freddie Mercury's real name?
Farrokh Bulsara

Question: Who was the very first American Idol winner?
Answer: Kelly Clarkson

Question: Which member of the Avengers had a brief stint as a pop star?
Answer: Brie Larson

Question: What pop star wrote songs for Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears and Alice Cooper?
Answer: Kesha

Question: Before Bleachers and fun., Jack Antonoff fronted what band?
Steel Train

Question: Before Miley Cyrus recorded "Wrecking Ball," it was offered to which singer?
Answer: Beyoncé

Question: Which artist's entire 1985 Live Aid set consisted of just a single cover song?
Answer: Elvis Costello

Question: What rock icon was the founder of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-haired Men?
Answer: David Bowie

Question: Keith Moon and John Entwistle of The Who are said to have inspired the name of which other classic rock band?
Answer: Led Zeppelin

Question: In The Big Lebowski, The Dude can't stand which band?
Answer: The Eagles

Question: Who founded Motown Records?
Answer: Berry Gordy

Question: Before Phil Collins, who was the lead singer of Genesis?
Answer: Peter Gabriel

Question: What was Madonna's first top 10 hit?

Question: What rock star moonlights as a horror movie writer and director?
Answer: Rob Zombie

Question: What film did The Clash's Joe Strummer direct starring some of his bandmates?
Cops and Robbers

Question: Eminem's 8 Mile is named after a road in which city?

Question: Who was Marvin Gaye's duet partner?
Answer: Tammi Terrell

Question: Paul McCartney credits which artist with teaching him everything he knows?
Answer: Little Richard

Question: What artists made up the supergroup The Traveling Wilburys?
Answer: George Harrison
, Roy OrbisonJeff LynneTom Petty and Bob Dylan

Question: Who was the first woman ever inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
Answer: Aretha Franklin

Question: Paul McCartney and John Lennon wrote which Rolling Stones song?
"I Wanna Be Your Man"

Question: Which member of *NSYNC was a replacement for another who quit before they got big?
Answer: Lance Bass

Question: Believe it or not, Jimi Hendrix only had one Top 40 hit. Which song was it?
"All Along the Watchtower"

Question: Who is the only country artist to have a Top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for six straight decades?
Answer: Dolly Parton

Question: Art Garfunkel initially declined to sing one of Simon & Garfunkel's biggest hits solo. Which song is it?
"Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Question: What was Elvis Presley's first No. 1 hit in the United States?
"Heartbreak Hotel"

Question: Van Halen famously banned what color M&Ms in their rider?

Question: What other legendary vocalist is a cousin of Whitney Houston?
Dionne Warwick

Question: "The Day the Music Died" refers to the tragic deaths of which artists?
Answer: Buddy Holly
Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper

Question: What singer is known as "The Vocal Bible?"
Answer: Brandy

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Question: Which classical composer was deaf?
Answer: Ludwig van Beethoven

Question: Which rockstars were known as "The Terror Twins?"
Answer: Steve Clark 
and Phil Collen of Def Leppard

Question: Prince introduced his iconic symbol on the cover of which single?

Question: What did Stevie Ray Vaughan name his most beloved guitar?

Question: David Crosby says who is the best singer of all time?
Answer: Bonnie Raitt

Question: What book do The Police reference in "Don't Stand So Close to Me?"

Question: What video beat "Thriller" for Video of the Year at the first-ever MTV Video Music Awards?
The Cars, "You Might Think"

Question: Where was Tupac Shakur born?
East Harlem, New York

Question: Missy Elliott references what infamous celebrity couple in "Let Me Fix My Weave?"
Answer: Ben Affleck 
and Jennifer Lopez

Question: Who was the first woman to have four country albums reach No. 1 on the Billboard 200?
Answer: Carrie Underwood

Question: What singer was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou?
Answer: George Michael

Question: Which astronomer is name-dropped in "Bohemian Rhapsody?"

Question: Which Alanis Morissette song contains the phrase "jagged little pill" (the title of her debut album)?
"You Learn"

Question: Frank Sinatra changed the lyrics of "The Lady is a Tramp" to "The Lady is a" what?

Question: Who was the first lead guitarist of Metallica?
Answer: Dave Mustaine

Question: The Weeknd samples which '80s megahit in "Blinding Lights?"
"Take On Me" by A-ha

Question: Which Super Bowl Halftime Show performer was upstaged by a dancing shark?
Answer: Katy Perry

Question: How many coaches (full and part-time) from The Voice have won Grammys?

Question: What does Lady Gaga affectionately call her fans?
Little Monsters

Question: As a child, what singer held the longest note ever on Star Search?
Answer: Usher

Question: "William Bowery" is a pseudonym for whom?
Answer: Joe Alwyn

Question: Cardi B starred on what reality show?
Love & Hip Hop

Question: What iconic Nashville club does Garth Brooks call "the beginning and the mecca, the end"?
Bluebird Cafe

Question: George Harrison wrote what song for Eric Clapton about his sweet tooth?
"Savoy Truffle"

Question: What was the first rap single to hit the Billboard Top 40?
"Rapper's Delight" by Sugarhill Gang

Question: Which guitar icon's mom was a designer for the likes of John Lennon, Ringo Starr, David Bowie, Linda Ronstadt and The Pointer Sisters?
Answer: Slash

Question: Though made most famous by Ike and Tina Turner, "Proud Mary" was first recorded by whom?
Creedence Clearwater Revival

Question: Who sang the Spongebob Squarepants theme song for the movie?
Answer: Avril Lavigne

Question: What singer founded the MuttNation dog rescue organization?
Answer: Miranda Lambert

Question: What languages does Shakira speak?
English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Italian and Portuguese

Question: What one-hit wonder act is behind "Barbie Girl?"

Question: Jared Leto is the frontman of what band?
30 Seconds to Mars

Question: Who, to date, has won the most Grammys of all time?
Answer: Sir Georg Solti

Question: Adele credits what political figure for making her career?
Answer: Sarah Palin

Question: What is Post Malone's favorite restaurant?
Olive Garden

Question: What rock singer testified before Congress about the Parents Music Resource Center?
Answer: Dee Snider 
of Twisted Sister

Question: Who are all of the original members of N.W.A.?
Answer: Ice Cube
Dr. DreDJ YellaMC Ren and Eazy-E

Question: What was the first music video to ever air on MTV?
"Video Killed the Radio Star" by The Buggles

Question: U2 wrote the song "Stuck in a Moment" about what late frontman?
Answer: Michael Hutchence 

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Question: Which member of Kiss wore makeup to look like a cat?
Answer: Peter Criss

Question: Billie Eilish is obsessed with which classic TV show?
The Office

Question: Taylor Swift named her debut country single after which singer? 
Answer: Tim McGraw

Question: Who produced Michael Jackson's Bad?
Answer: Quincy Jones

Question: What rockstar's memoir is titled The Heroin Diaries?
Answer: Nikki Sixx

Question: The Wu-Tang Clan recommends protecting which body part?
Your neck

Question: What legendary pop group got their name from "Brothers Gibb"?
The Bee Gees

Question: Milli Vanilli were performing which of their hit songs when they were exposed for lip-syncing live?
"Girl You Know It's True"

Question: What Rolling Stones song title is also a restaurant chain?
"Ruby Tuesday"

Question: What smells are described in "Don't Stop Believin'?"
Wine and cheap perfume

Question: Jay-Z says he got his MBA from where?
The Marcy Projects

Question: Members of Wilson Phillips are the daughters of which music legends?
Answer: Brian Wilson 
of The Beach Boys and John and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas & The Papas

Question: John Mayer wrote a song about which law of physics?

Question: The "J" in Mary J. Blige stands for what?

Question: Which Marvel movie's soundtrack won two Grammys?
Black Panther

Question: "Islands in the Stream" was originally written for what artist?
Answer: Marvin Gaye

Question: Paul McCartney is a fan of what song referencing his work?
"Black Beatles"

Question: Stephen Sondheim says his only autobiographical song is which?
"Opening Doors" from Merrily We Roll Along

Question: Weird Al Yankovic mistakenly thought which artist gave his blessing for a parody?
Answer: Coolio

Question: Which Britney Spears songs have hit No. 1?
"...Baby One More Time" and "Womanizer"

Question: Sean "Diddy" Combs sent Da Band to walk 10 miles to get what iconic dessert?
Junior's Cheesecake

Question: Lizzo plays what instrument?

Question: Which member of The Runaways competed on Jeopardy!?
Answer: Jackie Fox

Question: Which rapper inspired an entire accredited course at Syracuse University called "Hip-Hop Eshu: Queen B***h 101?"
Answer: Lil' Kim

Question: Cher's first single referenced which rock star?
Ringo Starr

Question: The iconic CBGB stood for what?
"Country, Blue Grass and Blues"

Question: Who was Elton John's longtime lyricist?
Answer: Bernie Taupin

Question: Which Backstreet Boys are first cousins?
Answer: Kevin Richardson 
and Brian Littrell

Question: What do Drake, Taylor Swift and The Beatles have in common?

Answer: They all replaced themselves at No. 1 on the Hot 100

Question: What artists recorded two of their bestselling albums while they were behind bars?
Answer: Johnny Cash

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