100 Gifts for Father’s Day, from $5 to $1,500

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Even if we mark Father’s Day on our calendar weeks in advance (it’s June 21 this year, BTW), we somehow always end up on the hunt for a last-minute gift. It’s probably because our dad is notoriously hard to shop for. Unless you plan on buying him a boat of course, which is just slightly out of our budget. So, this year, we were determined to be extra prepared, and we whipped up 100 gift ideas in the process. From a $5 magazine subscription to a $1,500 workout mirror, here are the 100 best gifts for Father’s Day.

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Under $30

1. “Men’s Health” Annual Subscription

Whether Dad’s into fitness and nutrition, or just looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Men’s Health will provide all the tips he could ever need. The subscription costs just $5 for the whole year, which is the same price as buying him one copy at CVS. In other words, it’s a great deal.

$5 at Amazon

2. Nivea Post Shave Balm

Get dad (or your brother-in-law) this post-shave balm, and you’ll never have to hear him complain about razor burn or itchiness again. It’s formulated with vitamin E, chamomile and witch hazel to soothe the skin and prevent irritation after shaving.

Buy It ($7)

3. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

Every morning at eight you can find him sitting at the kitchen island with a cup of coffee in hand. But he has to be getting tired of his Starbucks dark roast by now, right? Treat him to a weekly or monthly subscription from Blue Bottle Coffee. If you choose the blend assortment, he’ll get to sample new beans with every shipment.

Buy It (From $8/Month)

4. Evelots Potty Putter Game

You outgrew bathroom humor a long time ago, but Dad still hasn’t. He’ll get a kick out of this golf set that allows him to putt while he’s sitting on the toilet.

$10 at Amazon

5. “Knock Knock What I Love About Dad Fill-in-the-Blank” Book

Filled with prompts like “I love getting your advice on ____” and “we always have the best time when we ____,” this book is sure to make even the toughest guy tear up. Have the kids help you fill it out for an extra special touch.

$10 at Amazon

6. “The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs” by Tristan Gooley

If your father considers himself an outdoorsman, he’ll appreciate this tome, which is all about using items found in nature to navigate the outdoors. It contains more than 850 tips on topics like finding water, tracking animals and detecting direction.

$10 at Amazon

7. ChopSabers Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

Your Star Wars obsessed dad will lose his mind over these lightsaber chopsticks. Just remind him to turn them off when not in use so the battery doesn’t die while he’s in the middle of eating lo mein.

$11 at Amazon

8. Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ Bundle

Pretty much everything he wants to watch is available on one of these three platforms, so why not combine them into one perfect present. Right now, you can get a subscription to all three for just $13 a month.

Buy It (From $13/Month)

9. “Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads” by Gary Greenberg and Jeannie Hayden

Becoming a dad presents a lot of challenges, and this book is here to help. It covers everything from how to construct an emergency diaper out of a towel, sock and duct tape to how to stay awake at work. Yeah, it’ll give him a few laughs along the way too.

$14 at Amazon

10. “The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes” by Ian Allen

He’ll laugh out loud over these jokes and wish he thought of them himself. Fingers crossed it doesn’t inspire him to use any of them though…

Buy It ($14)

11. QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Thanks to this ultra-portable chess set, he can set up a match wherever he wants. Plus, the pieces fit inside the board for convenient storage.

$14 at Amazon

12. Craft Jerky Co. Jerky of the Month Club

Each month, he’ll get two to eight new bags of premium artisan jerky delivered straight to his door, depending on which subscription level you pick. The best part about Jerky of the Month Club? Its extensive variety of both brands and flavors.

Buy It (From $15/Month)

13. Russ & Daughters Dozen Bagels

The famed New York City bagel shop now ships nationwide, so you can get a dozen, just in time for Father’s Day. Bonus points if you add some cream cheese and babka to your order, too.

Buy It ($15/Dozen)

14. Buffalo Games Chronology

This game is for the know-it-all dad. He can guess when everything from the invention of mayonnaise to the moon landing happened, in chronological order. Each time he’s right, his timeline will grow. The first player with a 10 card timeline wins.

$18 at Amazon

15. “Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto Cookbook”

Written by Aaron Franklin, the owner of the famous Franklin Barbecue in Austin, Texas, this manual will teach your old man everything he could ever want to know about perfecting his BBQ technique this summer.

$18 at Amazon

16. Swiftwick Pursuit Business Eight Socks

These babies combine the compression of a running sock with the look of a dress sock, to keep him comfortable during long days at the office (or the home office).

Buy It ($20)

17. Enno Vatti 100 Movie Scratch Off Poster

Behold, his weekend plans for the foreseeable future. This poster includes 100 of the top films of all time from Pulp Fiction to The Big Lebowski, so even if he’s a total movie buff, there are bound to be a few that he hasn’t seen.

$20 at Amazon

18. Mystery Tackle Box Subscription

Sign him up for this subscription box, and he’ll get to try out a new selection of lures every month. Reviewers say that it’s seriously upped their fishing game.

Buy It (From $20/Month)

19. AngelinasArtShop Custom City Map

Maybe he’s obsessed with his college town, or he loves the city he grew up in so much that he made your family move back there. Either way, there’s a custom map for that.

Buy It (From $25)

20. Life is Good Sunwashed Chill Cap

When it comes to dad’s wardrobe, there’s no such thing as too many baseball hats. And these ones are comfortable, durable and good quality.

$25 at Amazon

21. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

All he has to do is add bread, eggs, meat and cheese to the appropriate slots and boom, he’ll have a homemade breakfast sandwich in five minutes flat.

$25 at Amazon

22. CouchCoaster

Whether he wants to keep his coffee within reach while he’s watching the morning news or sip on his beer while he roots for his favorite team, he’ll appreciate being able to rest his beverage of choice right on the couch arm, thanks to this convenient cup holder.

$25 at Amazon

23. Airbnb Gift Card

You can’t exactly surprise him with a trip this year, so an Airbnb gift card is the way to go. That way, he can set his own itinerary once it’s safe to travel again.

From $25 at Amazon

24. Dylan’s Candy Bar Signature Tackle Box

The famous NYC candy shop chain fills every tackle box with an assortment of their best-selling candies like mini gummy bears, white chocolate pretzel balls and licorice. We have a feeling the whole fam will want to dig into this immediately.

Buy It ($26)

25. FOCO NFL Yard Gnome

If he’s a true NFL fan, he already owns three hats, four sweatshirts and approximately ten koozies with his team’s logo on them. But we bet he doesn’t have a garden gnome yet…

$27 at Amazon

26. Jaxon Lane Bro Mask (Box of 4)

Nick Jonas told GQ he swears by these ultra-hydrating hydrogel sheet masks, which probably won’t mean anything to Dad, but is enough to convince us he needs them.

Buy It ($28)

27. MyGift Tilted Crystal Whiskey Tumblers (Set of 4)

Dads are amused by the simplest things, so we’re pretty confident he’ll chuckle every time he sips his favorite barrel-aged whiskey out of one of these tilted glasses.

$28 at Amazon

Under $75

28. Manta Blackout Sleep Mask

The adjustable eye cups block out 100 percent of light, so he can sleep ‘til noon if he wants to without interruption.

$30 at Amazon

29. Recess The Sampler

If Pop needs to chill out, send him this six-pack sampler box of Recess. The carbonated drinks are infused with CBD to keep him calm and ginseng and L-theanine to keep him focused.

Buy It ($30)

30. Baked by Melissa World’s Greatest Dad Cupcakes

This assortment of 25 chocolate strawberry, cookies & milk, blondie, electric tie dye, chocolate & sprinkles and sugar cookie dough cupcakes will let him know you love him, even if you can’t celebrate in person this year.

Buy It ($30)

31. Thera Cane Massager

As one PureWow editor so eloquently puts it, “Does it look insane? Yes. Will your dad's new hobby be sitting on the couch working out all of the kinks in his aging back with this magical tool, trying to hook you with it when you're walking by? Also, yes.”

$30 at Amazon

32. Camp Chef Lumberjack Over Fire Grill

This portable over fire grill is a total gamechanger whether he wants to take it on the annual camping trip, or just cook a few burgers in the backyard.

Buy It ($30)

33. Nostalgia Electrics Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

Careful, he just might start eating hot dogs for every meal once he sees how easy they are to make in this toaster. Yes, it comes with tongs for easy removal.

Buy It ($32)

34. Jack Black Beard Grooming Set

Equipped with beard wash, beard oil, beard lube conditioning shave and a comb, this grooming kit contains everything he needs to look top-notch.

Buy It ($35)

35. Nordstrom Men’s Supima Cotton Briefs

Made from 100 percent Supima cotton, these are guaranteed to be the most comfortable underwear he’s ever owned.

Buy It ($35)

36. Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Moisturizer for Men

You know he’d never buy a moisturizer on his own, so you might as well get him one for Father’s Day. This formula from Kiehl’s has moisturizing vitamin E, plus caffeine that will leave him feeling energized.

Buy It ($35)

37. Monkey Shoulder Scotch

Reviewers say Monkey Shoulder is just as good neat as it is on the rocks. So, either way he takes it, he’ll be impressed that you didn’t go with a basic Johnnie Walker.

Buy It (From $35)

38. Home-Complete 16 Piece BBQ Grill Tool Set

This stainless-steel set will take his Grill Master title to a whole new level.

$38 at Amazon

39. The Comfy Oversized Wearable Blanket

This sweatshirt-blanket hybrid will be his new couch uniform. Just make him promise he won’t wear it out in public.

$40 at Amazon

40. Shutterfly Photo Puzzle

Pick a photo of the fam from that amazing vacay you took last summer, and Shutterfly will turn it into a puzzle. Once he finally completes it, he can glue it together and frame it.

Buy It (From $40)

41. Shaker & Spoon Subscription

Every month, he’ll get three cocktail recipes from top bartenders—plus all of the ingredients needed to make each one. Cheers!

Buy It (From $40)

42. BigArtFamily Custom Watercolor Pet Portrait

Send in a photo of Buddy, and this Etsy artist will create a beautiful watercolor portrait. Who knows, it might even earn a spot on the mantel next to the family photos.

Buy It (From $41)

43. Craft Beer Club

If he can’t stop raving about the new IPA he tried last week, this monthly delivery of 12 craft beers from around the country should give him something new to talk about.

Buy It ($43)

44. Birkenstock Essentials Arizona Waterproof Slide Sandals

If he’s going to insist on wearing socks with sandals (*cringe*) you can at least ensure that they’re cool sandals. These waterproof Birkenstocks will keep him comfortable, without totally embarrassing the rest of the family.

Buy It ($45)

45. YnM Weighted Blanket

Almost 5,000 five-star reviews speak to this weighted blanket’s comfort and calming effect. Yeah, you should give this to all the new dads in your life.

$50 at Amazon

46. Wolferman’s Deluxe Berry Breakfast Box

Why make him brunch when you could have it delivered? This breakfast box contains a mouth-watering assortment of English muffins, scones, cranberry orange cake, strawberry preserves and coffee. All you have to do is set it up.

Buy It ($50)

47. Traeger BBQ Tool

He may already have an apron and stainless-steel tongs, but there’s no way he has an all-in-one BBQ tool like this yet. It includes a bottle opener, spatula, brush and BBQ flipper, AKA the essentials.

Buy It ($50)

48. Festival Depot 2-in-1 Plastic Cornhole Board

In addition to two durable plastic boards and eight beanbags, this cornhole set also includes a carrying case so he can take it on the go (which you know he’ll want to).

Buy It ($58)

49. Lord Jones CBD Lotion

OK, so there’s no way he’s ever heard of Lord Jones. But he’ll appreciate the soothing effect this CBD-infused lotion has on his sore back and tired feet.

Buy It ($60)

50. Everlane The Lightweight French Terry Hoodie

100 percent cotton, lightweight and ideal for chilly summer nights. And much easier on the eyes than his tattered college sweatshirt.

Buy It ($60)

51. Hydroflask 64 oz Beer Growler

With one of these, his beer will stay just the way he likes it—ice cold—for hours, thanks to the double wall vacuum insulation.

Buy It ($65)

52. PennyBeeArt Push Pin USA Map

If the family dinner table conversation usually revolves around his latest travels, gift him one of these interactive maps. He’ll probably make it his goal to get a pin in every state.

Buy It (From $65)

53. Bloomscape Carnivorous Plant Collection

This plant bundle contains a Venus Fly Trap and two types of Trumpet Pincher Plants. We bet he’ll totally become obsessed with watching them prey on insects.

Buy It ($65)

54. Bonobos Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants

Guys rave that these khakis are so comfortable they “feel like you’re wearing pajamas.” Just keep in mind that they’re slim fit, so they might not work for every body type.

Buy It ($69)

55. Ryobi Electric Cordless String Trimmer and Edger

Now he can finally retire his 10-year-old weed wacker. Reviewers note that this model is lightweight, convenient and holds a charge really well.

Buy It ($70)

56. Gaiam Performance Alignment Grip Yoga Mat

Yogis of all levels will appreciate a new mat. We like this one from Gaiam because it features subtle indents that can help improve alignment for almost every pose, from downward dog to warrior two.

Buy It ($70)

57. L.L. Bean Camping Double Hammock

Sleeping bags can be too heavy for summer camping trips. And that’s where this lightweight hammock comes in.

Buy It ($70)

58. Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

This baby can mix up one and a half quarts of ice cream in as little as 20 minutes. Chocolate chip mint, anyone?

Buy It ($70)

Under $150

59. Tushy Classic Bidet

The Tushy bidet fits on all standard toilets and takes just 10 minutes to install, so he’ll be feeling like he’s in a fancy European bathroom in no time.

Buy It ($99; $79)

60. L.L. Bean Men’s Wicked Good Moccasins

Every dad needs a pair of ultra-cozy slippers, and this sheepskin and shearling pair is the best of the best.

Buy It ($79)

61. Teton Sports Hiking Backpack

The internal frame and fully adjustable straps provide support, so that he stays comfortable no matter how long the hiking trail is.

$80 at Amazon

62. Outdoor Voices Nimbus Cotton Sweatpants

A relaxed fit will and a fleecy interior will make these his new weekend wardrobe staple.

Buy It ($85)

63. All-New Kindle

The Kindle’s glare-free display will make it easy for him to read anytime, anywhere. Oh, and it can store thousands of books at once, so he’s never caught without something new to read.

$90 at Amazon

64. Vineyard Vines Destin Regular Fit Performance Polo

The stretchy, moisture-wicking fabric of this Vineyard Vines polo will keep him cool and comfortable whether he’s hitting the golf course, or just playing out back with the kids.

Buy It ($90)

65. Allbirds Men’s Tree Runners

Just because he’s a dad doesn’t mean he has to wear ugly dad sneakers. This pair of sustainable running sneaks is a much sleeker option.

Buy It ($95)

66. Sperry Legend Edit Men’s Authentic Original Boat Shoes

John Legend put his stamp of approval on these bad boys, so you know they’re good quality. The premium leather and hand-sewn construction ensure that they’ll last for years.

Buy It ($95)

67. Brooklinen Super Plush Robe

Upgrade his current robe to this plush Brooklinen number, made from long staple Turkish cotton. And who knows, maybe he’ll return the favor when Christmas rolls around.

Buy It ($98)

68. 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service

One PureWow editor notes that while she got this DNA test for her dad as a joke, he quickly became obsessed with it. TBH, your dad probably would too.

Buy It ($99)

69. Brooklinen Down Pillow

He takes his daily naps very seriously, so it’s only right that he has a premium quality down pillow to rest his head on.

Buy It ($99)

70. Logitech Slim Folio Case with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad

A PureWow staffer bought this keyboard case for her dad and he still talks about it years later. If it means he can finally stop sending emails with typos, we support this present.

Buy It ($100)

71. Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool

He won’t go anywhere without this new tool. It features everything, including a fire starter, a wire stripper and even a humble can opener.

Buy It ($105)

72. Ryobi 1,600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Fact: All dads want a power washer. This one is top-of-the-line. (And just think about how nice the porch will look once he puts it to use.)

Buy It ($119)

73. Nespresso Aeroccino 4 Milk Frother

Sure, it’s a bit of an investment, but think about how much you’ll be saving him in the long run now that he can make his lattes at home.

Buy It ($120)

74. Ray-Ban Standard Clubmaster 51mm Sunglasses

He’ll look like the coolest dad on the block with a pair of these classic sunnies.

Buy It ($123)

75. O’Brien Screamer Towable Tube

There’s no greater joy for a dad than flinging kids off a towable tube with a really big turn. We don’t know why, they just love it.

Buy It ($140)

76. Our Place Always Pan

This clever four-piece pan is designed to do the work of eight pieces of traditional cookware. That means you can put him on dinner duty for a whole week and he won’t even be upset.

Buy It ($145)

77. Omaha Steaks Top Sirloins

Ship him 16 four-ounce sirloins and you’ll instantly become the favorite child.

Buy It ($149)

78. Hampton Bay Tipton Steel Fire Pit

Just imagine the s’mores-worthy fire he could start in this thing. Psst, it has drainage holes to prevent rusting, so he’ll get a few summers out of it, too.

Buy It ($149)

79. Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album

Appeal to his sentimental side with a photo album featuring pictures of the grandkids, or shots from family parties over the years.

Buy It ($149)

$150 and Up

80. Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch

The highly sensitive GPS will tell him his shot distance as well as how far he is from the green, with just the push of a button.

Buy It ($150)

81. MasterClass All Access Subscription

Give him the gift of unlimited access to classes from experts in everything from poker to interior design.

Buy It ($180/Year)

82. Kampos Swim Shorts

These soft, flattering swim shorts are made from 100 percent recycled bottles, which the environmentalist in him will love.

Buy It ($195)

83. Furbo Treat Tossing Dog Camera

Thanks to this treat tossing smart device, he can sneak Lucky treats, even when he’s out.

$199 at Amazon

84. Yeti Roadie 24 Hard Cooler

Whether he wants to prepare for a tailgate or an hour-long road trip (snacks and drinks are necessary either way), this compact cooler will keep everything chilled and within reach.

Buy It ($200)

85. Nintendo Switch Lite 32GB

The infamous gaming device is finally back in stock, and you know he’s been dying to get back into Mario Kart. This seems like a no brainer.

Buy It ($200)

86. Marshall Action II Voice Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker combines classic features with important updates, so he can wirelessly stream his music through a timeless Marshall amplifier case.

Buy It ($299; $210)

87. Apple AirPods Pro

If he’s still using his circa 2016 headphones, bring him into the modern era with some AirPods Pro. They’re the gift he probably doesn’t know he needs.

$230 at Amazon

88. WPPO Le Peppe Pizza Oven

Once he gets the hang of using this wood/charcoal oven, you’ll never do takeout pizza again.

Buy It ($238)

89. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

He already likes to keep track of who comes and goes from the living room window, but this allows him to do it from his phone. Ring connects to an app so that users can see and hear who’s at the door from anywhere.

$249 at Amazon

90. Etnia Barcelona Avinyo 20 Sun Polarized Sunglasses

Every detail of these polarized sunglasses has been thoughtfully designed, and it shows.

Buy It ($269)

91. Theragun Prime

This percussive massage gun will eliminate every sore muscle, knot and tension he has in mere minutes.

Buy It ($299)

92. Philips Smart Pasta Maker Plus

Two to three portions of fresh pasta in just 10 minutes, coming right up.

Buy It ($350)

93. Outdoor Wicker Recliner

He’s always in his La-Z-Boy, so why not get him one for the backyard, too?

Buy It ($372)

94. Lifetime Tioga Kayak with Paddle

This might not be exactly what he had in mind when he said he wanted a boat, but he’ll warm up to the idea. Especially when he sees how well this sit-on-top design glides through the water.

Buy It ($384)

95. Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Reviewers say that the sound quality and noise cancelling ability of these headphones is worth every penny.

$399 at Amazon

96. Apple Watch Series 5

It’ll allow him to do everything from tracking his workouts to checking his texts, without having to pull his phone out of his pocket.

$429 at Amazon

97. GE Stainless Steel Mini Fridge

Simply plug it in downstairs, and he’ll never have to leave the man cave to replenish his beer again. Buyers note that it’s perfect for a wet bar, too.

Buy It ($458)

98. DJI Mavic Air 2 Drone with Remote Controller

One reviewer consider this to be “a great beginner drone,” although you won’t be able to tell he’s an amateur from the incredible aerial footage it shoots.

Buy It ($800)

99. Echelon Smart Rower

Just like a Peloton, but for rowing. Once he tries it, the erg machine at the gym doesn’t stand a chance.

Buy It ($1,040)

100. Mirror

This interactive mirror’s cardio classes, yoga, personal training and more make it a gift the whole family will enjoy (and probably fight over).

Buy It ($1,500)

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