These 10 Winter Accessory Trends Add a Dash of Cheer to Your Cold-Weather Looks

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On the coldest winter days, your outfit options can have you stuck in a rut, but an easy way to add potent dashes of brightness, character, and fun is with a good accessory or two (or three). Accessories are like pyramidal flakes of finishing salt: they highlight the best details and accentuate the essence of an outfit, making the entire look better. And their power doesn’t stop there: Accessories can serve as the defining markers of your personal style, especially during winter when a standout scarf or fun necklace can take your look from understated to a styled masterpiece. Whether you’re an accessories maximalist or prefer to embrace a single thoughtfully chosen piece, there’s no arguing that a few key selections can take your cold-weather look to the next level—and this season, there are plenty of inspired options on the rise to get you started. Ahead, see 10 of the top winter accessories trends to bookmark for all your seasonal needs.

Oversized Jewelry

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Tiny jewelry is great for every day, but giant, demanding pieces—bold cuffs, enormous metal earrings, sculptural necklaces, and bling-y cocktail rings—are in. Enliven a black mini dress with a splash of mega-jewels for holiday parties and date nights.

Modern Brooches

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Brooches feel of a different era, and we’re welcoming them back with open arms. There are countless ways to style them: Pin a jewel onto your denim jacket or button-down, use it as a fastener on a scarf, place one on your handbag, or use it to make an oversized wool coat feel less weighty. It’s an extra piece of jewelry, and we’re always ready to advocate for more jewels. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind brooch, a vintage piece will feel extra special.

Newsboy Caps

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Newsboy caps first appeared in the late 19th century, but they evolved into a true accessories trend when high-wattage icons like Jane Birkin, Brigitte Bardot, and Edie Sedgwick tried the style. In more recent years, we've spotted them on the likes of Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton. All of this is to say: This polarizing cap trend reliably comes and goes, and right now, it's the hat to wear.

Sculptural Bag Handles

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Next time you step out into the cold (or any weather), carry a work of portable art. Purses adorned with sculptural handles, carved twists of metal, polished horns, lucite, and braided metal work for both daytime and evening.

Giant Bags and Clutches

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From eight different lip products to electrolyte packets to keys to sunglasses to gum (and so on, ad infinitum), we need to carry a lot of essentials with us at all times. This season's dramatically oversized handbags and clutches favor scout levels of preparedness.

Blanket Scarves

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Enormous, blanket-like scarves are ultra-cozy, of course, and they create interesting, dimensional outerwear silhouettes. Choose a color and material that sparks joy, then play around with various ways to style it.

Ultra-Long Gloves

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Fend off the wind chill with a pair of endlessly chic, super-long gloves. Wear a pair of black satin opera gloves with a dress (or a T-shirt and skirt) indoors and out for evening, or layer a pair of super-long cashmere gloves under your jacket for an extra, welcome layer of warmth.

Minimalist Barrettes

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Claw clips have been the dominant hair accessory trend for the last few years, and they’re not going anywhere—but we’re also seeing the return of sleek barrettes. Slip one onto your slicked-back low ponytail, use some to pin back one side of your hair, or create a French twist and fasten with a barrette.

Leather Belts

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A simple leather belt pulled through belt loops polishes and finishes a look. It’s an incredibly subtle yet highly effective accessory. Black leather is sharp and sophisticated, while brown is a bit softer. If you choose to go for a bolder shade, belts are an easy way to sneak a wink of color into an otherwise neutral outfit.

Sporty Sunglasses

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Whether you’re on the slopes or commuting to work, sunglasses are essential—even during the winter months. Sporty sunglasses have been on our style radar for years, loved and worn by celebrities including Gigi and Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian. This season, sporty eyewear is a melding of athletic and polished aptitudes. Shield-like sunglasses are functional, futuristic, and fun to wear.

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