10 Wacky Things You Didn’t Know About Pizza

Though pizza is a product of Italy, it’s one of the world’s greatest comfort foods. But do you know where you can find the largest slice in the world? Or a pie topped with squid, mayo, or marijuana?

This BuzzFeed video outlines the 10 most mouthwatering facts about the pizza pie, from its earliest origins to its wackiest flavors and presentations. After learning these cocktail-party worthy stats about pizza, you’ll never look at a basic slice the same again.

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For example, do you know who makes the most expensive pizza in the world? It’s Miami-based master pizza chef Renato Viola, who makes a creation he calls the Louis XIII pizza. Chef Viola packs three types of caviar, lobster, Australian pink salt, and prawns on his high-priced pie, which he and a sous chef prepare at your home. The order also includes a sommelier, who pours Krug champagne and Rémy Martin Louis XIII cognac. All this, for a whopping $9,000. Don’t forget to tip!

Check out this video for more little-known facts about pizza, including the calculation behind a New York economic indicator called the “Pizza Principle.”

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