10 Trendy Baby Names That Are Destined to Make Waves in 2020

Naming your child after your favorite health food (we’re talking to you, Kale) is out. But what trendy baby names will be picking up steam in 2020? From Noa to Sullivan, we’ve got the list. Here, 10 names that just might be the “Hazel” of the new decade.

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1. Nova

Luna had a meteoric rise during the 2010s, but it appears Nova may be the new four-letter name with celestial undertones that’s going to see a popularity surge in the new year. (For background, it means “new.”) It’s also up 22 percent on the baby name charts in 2020, according to Nameberry.com.

2. Austin

This name—which dipped in the mid-’90s around the same time Austin Powers came out—is starting to once again move up the charts. It’s officially back in the top 100 as of this year and it continues to move up week after week. (It’s also the perfect homage to the Texas town where you conceived.)

3. Sullivan

Sure, it’s an Irish classic, but this gender-neutral name is also trending for the new year with a catch: It’s seen a 23 percent bump in popularity as a girl’s name…and a 10 percent dip for boys.

4. Watson

Think of it as an homage to the level-headed pal of Sherlock Holmes. Or maybe a subtle nod to Emma Watson of Hermione Granger fame. Either way, this Scottish name has gone up 35 percent in popularity since 2018.

5. Aurelia

This name—which means “the golden one”—has been having a slow and steady burn since the mid-2010s, but it’s climbed the charts by almost 200 in the past five years. (It’s also still not in the top 100, so you’d be ahead of the trend.)

6. Cassian

The Latin name (pronounced CASS-ee-ahn or KASH-en—your call) has been growing in popularity ever since it was used in the 2016 Star Wars franchise film Rogue One. But as of 2020, it’s up 14 percent.

7. Meaghan

While this name (which means “pearl”) does have royal underpinnings, it’s a different spelling from the Duchess of Sussex’s name. It’s also climbed the charts by a whopping 86 percent, according to Nameberry.com.

8. Archie

Speaking of royal monikers, the name chosen for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby, born in 2019, continues to rise in rank. It was actually knocked out of the top 1,000 in the late ’80s, but it’s been on an upward trajectory (including the top 100 baby names in the U.K.) since last year.

9. Willow

Typically used for a girl, this name—which references the ancient willow tree, often considered to have magical powers—has been gaining in popularity week over week since 2011. In fact, it currently sits at number 62, a rise of more than 700 since the turn of the century.

10. Reese

We know what you’re thinking: Big Little Lies. But this name—which means “ardent” and “fiery”—has been slowly climbing the charts for boys (not girls) since 2015. A trendy option to watch? Only time will tell.

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