10 Things Only Dog Moms Understand

10 Things Only Dog Moms Understand
10 Things Only Dog Moms Understand
Golden Retriever puppy with a dog mom
Golden Retriever puppy with a dog mom

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Our pets can be just as important as our human children, and being a dog mom is a lot of fun! If you’re a long-time dog mom, or aspiring to become one, here are 10 things only dog moms understand. Which ones do you relate to the most?

Your phone’s storage is full

Your dog just laid down in the cutest position! Or, you’ve just come back from that great Instagramable trip. Whether you’re a budding photographer or just your dog’s biggest fan, your phone storage is probably full or close to it. But who can resist another cute photo?

You’re stuck on the couch because your dog fell asleep on you

It’s naptime and your dog has picked the perfect spot — your lap. It would be wrong to get up and disturb them, so you’ve resigned to the fact that you’ll have to be on the couch a little while longer. A little extra cuddle time won’t hurt!

You’re familiar with your dog’s body language

A specific bark or wag of the tail is an entire sentence to you. When you’ve zeroed in on your dog’s body language, you know just what they’re trying to say. It’s an important skill to have, and useful when determining if your dog is ready for a long walk or a snooze in a sunbeam.

You’ve gone to a dog moms meetup

What’s more fun than one dog mom? Lots of dog moms! Meetups are a great way to meet like-minded pet parents and give your dog some time to socialize. Be sure to bring the camera, some treats, and some snacks for the humans!

Your house is full of dog-themed memorabilia 

Everyone knows you love Labrador Retrievers, and they’ve gifted you themed items for years. But you don’t mind — especially since it matches your best friend. From cute mugs to framed photos, your house might be filled with dog-themed items.

You let your dog give you extra kisses in public

Nothing beats a wagging tail and some happy kisses. It’s very likely you’ve shared an ice cream cone together, or just stopped for some cuddles on a park bench. And while these public displays of affection may seem silly, you know it just shows how much your dog loves you.

Your dog’s training certificates are framed

It’s important to show off the hard work your dog has done! From basic obedience to Canine Good Citizen training, you’re proud of what your dog has accomplished. And besides, those certificates look good on the fridge or the wall.

You make homemade foods and treats

Dogs deserve the best, and that means the best treats and meals, too. You’ve probably even baked your dog a birthday cake! But that only shows how much you love your dog.

Your house is dog-proof

If your house is filled with dog beds, bowls, and baby gates, you might be a dog mom! It’s important to have a dog-proof home to keep your furry best friend safe and secure. And by giving them choices, you’re making sure they’re comfortable too.

You won’t go anywhere that isn’t dog-friendly

Travel isn’t relaxing if you can’t bring your dog with you! You’ll always pick out vacation spots that allow dogs, or a dog-friendly hotel to stay at along the way. Nothing is more fun than an adventure together.

Check out some of these other fun activities you can try with your dog like making homemade dog treats or enjoying some outdoor adventures.

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