10 Things You Need To Know Before Black Friday And Pre-Black Friday Sales, According To A Consumer Savings Expert

Thanksgiving is right around the corner — which means Black Friday sales and holiday shopping frenzy will soon be here too. But after a few years of higher prices, it feels a little extra hard to tell if you're really getting a good deal.

Carrie Brownstein in Portlandia saying I can't relax while there's deals going on

To find out how shoppers can truly save in 2023, I turned to Andrea Woroch. She's a consumer savings expert, and you may have seen her sharing money-saving tips on shows like Today and Good Morning America.

She gave me 10 helpful tips for finding the best deals during Black Friday pre-sales, on the day itself, and into the new year. Here's what she had to say:

1.Just like you shouldn't go to the grocery store when you're hungry, don't head out to the mall on Black Friday without a gameplan.

woman making a christmas shopping list

2.Look at historical pricing data to determine if those Black Friday "deals" are really as good as they seem.

signs inside of a Walmart advertising Black Friday deals

3.Popular toys that might sell out and tech tend to be some of the best purchases during the sales leading up to Black Friday (and on the big day itself).

shopping cart full of toys

4.But there are some items that you're probably better off waiting to buy.

woman handing her boarding pass for a flight to an airport employee

5.A lot of stores will let you stack coupons for even bigger savings.

people walking past a shop with black friday signs in the window

6.And don't forget to get all the cash back you can.

credit cards with coins and dollar bills floating around them

7.You might find even more deals by following brands on social media.

woman looking at social media on a smartphone

8.Retailer apps can also be a great source for savings if you shop a particular store often.

hands holding up their smartphones

9.Rebate deals can look good on the surface, but a lot of people don't follow through on all the steps it takes to get the deal.

Black friday sign inside of a mall

10.Finally, let's talk about doorbusters. These are deals tailored to very specific in-store items, designed to bring shoppers in to brick and mortar locations.

sign for a black friday doorbuster deal

Are you planning to shop the Black Friday sales this year? Tell us about your strategy for getting the very best deals in the comments!