These are the 10 tallest peaks in Wisconsin

The observation tower on Timm's Hill, Wisconsin's highest point, provides stunning views of fall colors
The observation tower on Timm's Hill, Wisconsin's highest point, provides stunning views of fall colors

Wisconsin may not have the high peaks of the west, but it is not flat as many might think.

There are some sizeable heights in Wisconsin, many of which are worth exploring when fall colors peak.

From popular ski hills to summits with lookout towers, here are the 10 highest points in the state of Wisconsin, according to the State Cartographer's Office.

10. East Hill

Located in Forest County near Rhinelander, East Hill sits at 1,850 feet and is the shortest of the 10 tallest natural features in Wisconsin. The hill overlooks the town of Crandon and Metonga Lake.

9. Penokee Range

The Penokee Range covers about 50 miles over two ridges. Though similar in height, only one can claim its the tallest at 1,860 feet. It is near Lake Superior in both Ashland and Iron Counties and connects to the Gogebic Range in the Upper Peninsula. Both ranges have drawn interest from mining companies because of deposits of iron and other minerals.

8. Mount Whittlesey

Next up is 1,872-foot Mount Whittlesey. It is just a bit larger than it's Ashland County neighbor above, but that 12-foot difference makes this Mellen landmark the tallest in the county.

7. Kent Tower Hill

Located in Langlade County, the Kent Tower Hill is the first on this list over 1,900-feet in elevation, but just barely at 1,903 feet. A lookout tower at the peak gives you a 360-degree view of the area for miles. It sits right on Kettlebowl section of the Ice Age Trail and right next to the Big Stone Hole.

6. Unnamed Hill in Phelps

A hill with no name. That's what we have with the1,905-foot summit in Vilas County. The town of Phelps sits as one of the highest points above sea level in Wisconsin, ranging from around 1,700 feet to over 1,900 feet. Phelps is also where a Wisconsin resort created a ice carousel on a frozen lake in 2020. Close behind it, but not on this list, is Military Hill, which is 12th highest natural elevation point in the state at 1,848 feet.

5. Harrison Hills

Harrison Hills possess a roughly 13-mile section of the Ice Age Trail and nearly 50 miles of popular ATV trails. At it's tallest point, it stands at 1,910 feet in the Lincoln County Forest.

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4. Lookout Mountain

A neighbor about 10 miles to the south of Harrison Hills, Lookout Mountain gets its name from the fire mountain lookout tower that was built there in 1935. While the tower on top of the 1,920-foot hill has been out of service since 1970, it was the first tower in Wisconsin to be placed on the National Historic Lookout Register and the National Register of Historic Places. The 100-foot tower is open to the public between May and October 31.

3. Rib Mountain

Only four feet taller than Lookout Mountain, Rib Mountain's 1,924 feet make it number three on the list. It is also the only state park on this list. According to the state Department of Natural Resources, the hill offers beatiful views of Wausau and the Wisconsin River. It is also the only ski hill on this list, with Granite Peak Ski Area on the north face of the hill.

2. Sugarbush Hill

Coming in at number two on the list is Sugarbush Hill. Located in Forest County, this northern Wisconsin peak sits at 1,939 feet. An eight-story fire lookout once stood on top on the hill, but it has since been removed.

1. Timm's Hill

Standing at 1,951.5 feet, Timm's Hill is the highest point in Wisconsin. Fittingly located in the town of Hill, the county park has been Wisconsin's highest point since a 1962 geological survey. It stands just taller than Pearson Hill, which stands on the same ridgeline. It offers incredible views, especially for fall colors viewing. It is also part of the Ice Age Trail.

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