10 Must-Try Beauty Apps (They’re Free!)

The iPhone 6 comes out in two days (and the much-debated Apple Watch launches early next year). Not to mention, iOS 8 is here, meaning nearly everyone has Apple on the brain these days. Whether you’re just upgrading your software, or going all in, we thought it was time for a beauty app refresher.  Here are 10 of the best, from useful shopping guides to goofy (but fun) ways to give yourself a new virtual ‘do. Best of all, they’re all free, so download all you like! 

Makeup Genius
As fun as it is useful, L’Oréal’s makeover app allows you to see how you look in certain products or pre-set looks. The technology is next level: the virtual makeup actually moves with you, so you can see the makeup “application” from any angle.

Think Dirty
Consider this well-designed app your nontoxic shopping guide. Scan a beauty product’s barcode, and Think Dirty will identify any ingredients that may be hazardous to your health. So quick, so easy.

At first glance, Stash seems like just a price-comparison guide, but it’s so much more. Input your personal beauty products, and the app will keep track of when you’ll run out — plus, it’ll let you know when the items you love are on sale.

Modiface MakeUp
Virtual-makeover technology has come a long way, as evidenced by this company’s enjoyably goofy MakeUp app. Upload your picture, tap a few buttons, and voila: It’s you, only with a fresh haircut and red carpet worthy-smoky eyes.

This app’s virtual hand allows you to “try on” every single nail color that OPI has available, from sheer neutrals to its new Nordic collection. Frivolous? Maybe, but it’s crazy-fun — and it’s a whole lot easier than painting a test nail.

Beautiful Me
Data geeks will flip for this app, which analyzes your Facebook photos and spits out a variety of reports. Find out how your skin tone has changed over time, how you’re aging, and which products will best flatter your complexion.

Pretty In My Pocket
Beauty reviews — thousands of them — populate this easy-to-use shopping app. More than 120,000 products are in the database, so just scan an item to pull up honest thoughts on everything from lipstick to lotion.

Beauty starts from within, so let this app guide you to summon a sense of inner peace. Features include seven guided sessions, various background sounds, and a variety of calming images. Consider it meditation 101.

Appointment-Booking Apps
We’re cheating a bit by rolling a few apps into one heading, but that’s only because we’ve gone over the brilliance of in-app scheduling before. Try Glamsquad for at-home blowouts or Beautified for last-minute fitness and beauty appointments.

Is it a beauty-only app? No, but it’s absolutely a godsend for anyone who likes deals on spa treatments, beauty products, fitness classes, and more. We’re talking half-price highlights and indulgent massages so reasonably priced, they’re practically being given away.