10 Cute Snow Boots for Women in 2022

 mint green bag by Hermes and black vintage snow boots by Valentino as a detail of influencer and TV host Cathy Hummels during a street style shooting on January 24, 2021 in Munich, Germany
mint green bag by Hermes and black vintage snow boots by Valentino as a detail of influencer and TV host Cathy Hummels during a street style shooting on January 24, 2021 in Munich, Germany

Even if you love winter weather, there’s no denying how hard it can be to find a pair of boots that keep your feet dry and warm even after hours in the snow. While I've opted in the past to wear combat boots and simply struggle through the wet, icy, conditions, I’ve finally decided to find cute snow boots I can wear all winter long—and I’ve shared my top ten pairs with you to make your cold-weather experience just a little better.

Unlike other types of boots, snow boots often come with a lot of fancy-sounding technology that can be hard to parse through. With that in mind, Marie Claire editors shared with me their winter boot recommendations, plus I examined seemingly endless options to find the snow boots that work best, no matter your needs. So, whether you need a pair of cute ankle boots that can work for either the office or your icy morning commute or are in the market for a high-performance pair of snow boots that will keep your toes warm when temperatures dip into the negatives, this list has you covered.

What to Look For in Snow Boots

There’s nothing worse than investing in a pair of winter boots that are supposed to be waterproof from an expensive boots brand and then feeling icy water creep in when you step into a puddle. This might sound basic, but the best snow boots are entirely waterproof, and should keep your feet warm against the conditions outside. One of the snow boots on the below list has an insulated sole so that your feet are protected from the chilly ground itself; others are decked out in warming faux fur accents. Others come from best-in-class rain boots brands like Hunter, so you can rest assured they'll be worth the money. To prove it to you, I’ve even listed a handy list of pros and cons for every single product so that you can compare all of your options at a glance.

The Best Snow Boots

Columbia Minx Shorty III Boot

These ankle-length boots from Columbia are insulated; feature a thermal lining that reflects your body’s natural heat for a boost of warmth; and have a rubber sole for added traction and grip for when the street gets icy. This pair even features a touch of faux fur at the lining for style points, and are available to shop in six neutral colors like olive green, maroon, and a blue-gray colorway. One of the 541 five-star reviews notes that they’re made from a “lightweight great material.”

Pros: Costs under $200; Comes in several colors; Comes in half-sizes; Has rubber grips on the soles.

Cons: Is an ankle boot.

Sorel Caribou Waterproof Boot for Winter

These iconic winter boots from Sorel are available to shop in sizes 5 through 12 and in several colors, including this tan shade and a dark grey. While they’re by no means a knee-high boot, these measure 9” from the arch of the sole, so you get more protection from the wet and cold weather outside when compared to an ankle boot. Better yet, these are 100 percent waterproof and have a rubber sole for added grip.

Pros: Costs under $200; Comes in several colors; Comes in half-sizes; Top-rated on Amazon.

Cons: Hits mid-calf.

Hunter Intrepid Snow Boot

If you’re a city slicker who needs a pair of snow boots that will keep your feet warm and dry on your morning commute, look no further than this cute pair from Hunter. After all, Hunter's rain boots are the best of the best. The elastic toggle at the top of the boot guarantees no errant water gets in as you move, while the waterproofed exterior will keep your feet warm in freezing temperatures down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pros: Costs under $200; Comes in several colors; Temperature-proof down to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cons: Hits at the ankle; Runs small; No half-sizes.

DREAM PAIRS Women's Mid-Calf Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

It’s not often that you find a pair of snow boots that retails for under $100, but here are with this pair from DREAM PAIRS that has racked up over 10,000 five-star reviews. Not only are they affordable, they come in a whopping 12 colors, and our outfitted with a secure lace-up design plus faux-fur details on the top. They’re available in women’s shoe sizes 5 through 12—with no half-sizes—so you’ll have to size up for a looser fit that will fit your pairs of fuzzy socks. “Wore these in snow for hours and hiking and my feet and part of my calf stayed warm,” wrote one reviewer. “So fuzzy and comfortable for someone who has feet issues. I 10/10 recommend.”

Pros: Under $200; Comes in several colors; Top-rated on Amazon

Cons: Doesn’t come in half-sizes: Some reviewers say that they don’t stay up on the ankle.

UGG Neumel Platform Chelsea Boot

The perfect boots if you’re someone who wants to look stylish even in the coldest, wettest weather. These boots from UGG are the perfect combination of Chelsea boots and snow boots, plus the platform will keep you above the slush (literally). Like all boots from Ugg, these snow boots are lined with shearling on the inside for a boost of extra warmth. Reviewers say they run big and don’t come in half-sizes, so choose the size down from what you would normally would wear.

Pros: Costs under $200.

Cons: No half-sizes; Ankle boots.

Canada Goose Journey Boot

These boots have been weather-tested at some of the coldesst places on the planet, and are designed with functionality in mind, right down to the smallest details. For instance, they have light-reflective laces for low-visibility wear. “This boot is extremely comfortable and stylish,” wrote one reviewer. Reviews note that they run true-to-size and work on those who have larger feet. However, some reviewers note that they’re on the heavier side, though the extra weight doesn’t make them harder to wear all day.

Pros: Comes in several colors; Lightweight design; Waterproof design; Comes in half-sizes.

Cons: Costs over $200; Some reviewers claim they are heavier.

UGG Women's Adirondack Boot Iii

These 100 percent leather snow boots from UGG have a rubber outsole for added traction. Reviewers recommend sizing up by a half-size, but also note that they are equal parts warm and comfortable. “I've worn the boots a few times—during a blizzard in sub-20 degree weather walking in 12 inches of snow for an hour, as well as in generally wet, wintry conditions in the city. My feet stayed warm and completely dry—zero snow or moisture got in,” wrote one glowing five-star reviewer.

Pros: Comfortable for all-day wear; Comes in half-sizes.

Cons: Costs over $200; Ankle boots.

The North Face Women’s Shellista IV Luxe Waterproof Boots

These heavy-duty snow boots from The North Face are anything but heavy. The upper is a combination of full-grain leather, while the midsole is designed from a single-density EVA material that keeps the boot feeling light on your feet while also providing insulation from the ground up. Insulation and warmth are the names of the game with this pair—they’re outfitted with faux fur on the lining and on the tongue, plus additional insulation made from 85% post-consumer materials. You can shop this pair of boots in four colorways and in women’s shoe sizes 5 through 11. Better yet, they come in half-sizes!

Pros: Costs less than $200; Lightweight; Comes in several colors; Comes in half-sizes.

Cons: Only comes up the mid-calf.

Tory Burch Sleeping Bag Pull-On Boot

I'm notorious amongst my friend group for impractical, often illogicalfootwear choices. It's fashion over utility any day of the week for me! But I do draw the line when it comes to snow boots. Given how brutal New York winters can be, I need a hard-working shoe that keeps my feet warm and protected from nature's elements. And Tory Burch's Sleeping Bag Pull-On Boot, with its graphic print, quilted design, and cozy fleece lining, is as practical as it is stylish. A win-win!

Hunter Play Vegan Shearling Insulated Tall Rainboots

If you’ve ever worn a pair of Hunter rain boots, you know how great they are—and how they are very much worth the hype. This vegan shearling-lined pair from the brand takes them from just being great waterproof boots to amazing, warm, snow boots. Plus, they come up to the knee so you can easily tuck your pants or jeans into them to keep them dry, too. And if you’re looking for snow boots that you won’t have to change out of once you get into the office, these are a great choice. You can shop them in two colors (this black one and a blue option, too) and in women’s shoe sizes 5 through 11 and the brand notes that they fit true-to-size.  The only downside? No half-sizes.

Pros: Knee-high; Comes in two colors; Fits true to sizes; Costs less than $200.

Cons: No half-sizes.