10 Black TikTok Content Creators You Should Be Following To Learn Cooking Hacks And Recipes

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Photo credit: TikTok

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TikTok has quickly become everyone's go-to when it comes to finding new kitchen hacks or fun recipes to try out. There are tons of accounts to choose from when following users who offer up cooking advice and ideas, but these are some of the amazing Black content creators who often share their expertise on TikTok. Whether you want plant-based meals, baking tips, or guidance for growing your own ingredients, here are some of the accounts you'll want to add to your following list.

Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown is loved on TikTok for her creative vegan recipes as well as her nurturing demeanor and soothing voice. Her comment section is often flooded with people lovingly calling her "Mom" and users quoting her favorite sayings: "like so like that" and "cause that's your business." Tabitha's recipes include plant-based alternatives to classic dishes, like spaghetti and "meat" sauce made with pecans and bacon made from carrots.

Christian Paul

Baker Christian Paul has over 600,000 TikTok followers, and for good reason. His recipes include copycat Pop-Tarts and his own custom chocolate bars and cupcakes that he sells at his bakery CP Cake Studio (which is located in the Atlanta area). Christian's chocolate bars can also be purchased around holidays like Mother's Day and Easter through his Etsy shop.

Erika E'Class

For easy-to-follow kitchen advice that includes new recipes and reviews on frozen meals, check out Erika E'Class's TikTok account. She shows step-by-step instructions for seasoning side dishes, and her commentary makes each video so entertaining.

Reesie Diaries

Lifestyle and food tips are all over Reesie's TikTok page. She suggests products like Walmart's jerk seasoning for chicken and also posts super easy recipes for treats like funnel cake. She has a corresponding YouTube channel where she shares beauty tips and vlogs.

Kings Apron

Chef Zu, or @KingsApron on TikTok, specializes in holistic nutrition, plant-based food, and growing his own produce seed-to-fork. He exclusively uses his own ingredients for both his cooking and herbal medicine, and he offers tips for those looking to grow their own ingredients at home.

Chef Dooby

If you want a good laugh, give @ChefDooby a follow on TikTok. While his food content may not be super informative (how to make cereal, how to heat up chicken noodle soup, etc.) his narrations with the distortion voice effect make his videos worth watching.

Gabrielle Reyes

Gabrielle Reyes (@onegreatvegan) goes live on TikTok to share her vegan recipes and show tutorials. To promote the livestreams, she sings catchy songs for each recipe—from vegan BBQ mac & cheese to plant-based taquitos—that are guaranteed to be stuck in your head until you go ahead and try the recipe out for yourself.

The Real D Hill

For seasoning tips and easy dinner ideas, @TheRealDHill shows every step, starting with marinating and ending with the final product served on a plate. In his grilling videos, he offers even more advice about how to clean your grill and where to place items while you barbecue.

Tiemy Apron

@TiemyApron is a culinary arts teacher, so she definitely knows what she's talking about when it comes to food. Her recipes range from how to upgrade a frozen pizza to trying fast food menu items for the first time and reviewing them.


Although her TikTok bio says she's not a trained chef, the food on @Deegeee's page looks totally restaurant-quality. Unlike other food TikTokers, she doesn't use voiceovers and each of her food videos are paired with a song for more of an ASMR experience. She also shares how she organizes all of her groceries around the house for her family, which is oh, so satisfying to watch.

So...what are you waiting for?! Download the app and get following, but beware: You'll definitely get hungry when scrolling through their pages. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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