10 Best Sheet Face Masks

Gone are the days of applying a mud mask, letting it dry and then scrubbing it off with a washcloth. The newest masks are made of cotton fibers or even sea kelp, and come in convenient single-dose packages. While paper face masks originated in Korea, they’re becoming a go-to product in America. Beyond the easy clean up, sheet masks offer plenty of advantages.

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“Sheet masks come pre-dosed and they’re virtually fool proof, so you’re not wasting any product as you might with a mud-mask,” said independent cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson, the founder of Beautystat.com. Since the sheet masks adhere to the face and create a seal, it helps boost the efficacy of the product, he added.

But sheet masks may not be for everyone. Robinson suggests that those with oily skin are best to stick with mud or clay as it helps draw out impurities.

Christine Chang, the co-founder of the new Glowrecipe.com, which sells Korean beauty products, says the next generation of sheet masks are made from non-paper materials such as hydro-gels and sea kelp and adhere better to the skin. “We call it the desk mask because you can put on a mask, sit at your desk and multi-task.” Click through to see some of our favorite sheet masks.

Photo: Trunk Archive/Kenneth Willardt