The 10 Best Earmuffs For Toasty Ears in 2023

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The Los Angeles Apparel earmuffs serve functionality and style without breaking the bank.

<p>InStyle / Kristin Kempa</p>

InStyle / Kristin Kempa

As the latest accessory that has been resurrected from the early 2000s, ear muffs have made quite the comeback recently –  even Kendall Jenner recently wore a pair. Influencer Sofia Coehlo calls them “a very unique accessory” that actually keeps your ears warm from frigid temperatures and frequently wears them. But with how much variety there is on the market, you might find yourself overwhelmed with decisions, which is why we went to experts like Coehlo and other stylists to find out what the best ones are to buy.

We think the Los Angeles Apparel earmuffs with an adjustable headband cater to a vast majority of people’s aesthetics. But if you’re looking for a more niche product, keep scrolling to see our favorites.

Los Angeles Apparel Earmuffs

Best Overall

What we love: The headband portion is adjustable in size.

What we don’t love: They’re made a little flimsy with some customers complaining about strings sticking out or headbands being bent strangely.

For easy, everyday earmuffs, look no further than this straightforward pair from Los Angeles Apparel. They come in 13 colors, including trendy brights on top of reliable neutrals. Earmuffs tend to come in one size that brands say fit “most”, but for anyone who finds sizing troublesome with earmuffs, the headband on these can be adjusted. Reviewers mention that the flexibility (and affordable price), though, makes them a little less sturdy than other pairs they’ve tried, and many have noted stray strings or bent bands upon opening theirs. With this in mind, we don’t suspect these to be a lifelong purchase, but it’s an affordable option to get you through the cold months.

Price at time of publish: $14

Material: Polyester  |  Colors: 13  |  Foldable: No | Adjustable Headband: Yes

Yves Salomon Lamb Earmuffs

Best Splurge

Now onto something that will last a lifetime — these lamb earmuffs, made from dyed lamb fur and cupro, will feel luxurious while keeping your ears toasty. Not even the harshest of winters stand a chance of frosting the tips of your ears, as lamb fur is known for being very warm. It comes in four neutral colors (herbal te is my favorite), so click through the options and see what suits your closet the best. Just know that real lamb fur, especially a fuzzy one like this, will be difficult to maintain. If you ever decide to clean them, you need to find a professional cleaning service to get them back to their original look.

Price at time of publish: $160

Material: Lamb fur and cupro |  Colors: 4 |  Foldable: No | Adjustable Headband: No

H&M Fluffy Earmuffs

Best Budget

What we love: It has an adjustable band and fun pattern to add more pizazz to your outwear.

What we don’t love: It runs a little small.

Opt for zebra print if you’d like to have a little fun with your look. This option comes with an adjustable, faux-leather band for a customized fit (though be aware reviewers say it still runs a bit short, even when it's adjusted). Regardless, it’s a fun accessory piece that adds an eye-catching detail to your outfit.

Price at time of publish: $13

Material: Polyester, polyurethane |  Colors: 1 |  Foldable: No  | Adjustable Headband: Yes

LCXSHYE Winter Earmuffs

Best For Travel

What we love: The earmuff portion is extra large.

What we don’t love: The material is not specified on this product.

The first thing you should know about these earmuffs is that they are large, covering the surrounding area of your ears, too. Because the brand doesn’t actually list the material (just “faux fur”) we can’t guarantee the material itself will keep you warm, but the extra-large style does help. The ear muffs also fold by twisting the headband and collapsing the ear pieces together, so you can easily pack them up when you’re on the go or stuff them into a suitcase for a trip.

Price at time of publish: $17

Material: Faux fur |  Colors: 6 |  Foldable: Yes | Adjustable Headband: No

Surblue Warm Knit Earmuffs

Best Knit

What we love: They fold into small pocket sized earmuffs.

What we don’t love: The description is quite misleading, claiming that the material is cashmere in one line and 100% polyester on another.

Instead of a headband, these earmuffs, which come in 11 different colors, discreetly wrap around the back of your head. Aside from offering a different visual appeal, they have a variety of functionalities – like the ability to be worn under helmets during skiing or to be folded into compact, palm-size. These (incredibly affordable) ones have a knitted exterior over an adjustable band with a soft, plush, faux-fur interior. Some reviewers complain that they had difficulty snapping the adjustable band in place. But for the price, we still think it’s worth it.

Price at time of publish: $14

Material: Polyester |  Colors: 11 |  Foldable: Yes | Adjustable Headband: Yes

Caistre Winter Foldable Ear Warmers

Best Foldable

What we love: There’s an internal spring structure that holds these earmuffs in place.

What we don’t love: While they’re advertised as unisex, they fit a little snug on men, according to the reviews.

For another option that wraps around the back of your head, try these foldable ear warmers from Caistre. The outer layer features a soft knitted fabric, similar to the Surblue earmuffs, while the interior has faux rabbit fur knitted into a teddy texture. In terms of warmth, these really step up to provide you with great protection. The internal spring structure even helps to keep the earmuffs in place — although that does make it a little snug on people with larger heads. Despite it being advertised as unisex, a lot of men comment that they are too small, so they might be better suited for just women or those with smaller heads.

Price at time of publish: $14

Material: Faux rabbit fur  |  Colors: 13 |  Foldable: Yes | Adjustable Headband: No

Jocelyn Eskimo Kiss Earmuffs

Best Teddy

What we love: The muff portion is decently sized and will cover your ears entirely.

What we don’t love: You can’t adjust the size or fold it in.

Teddy earmuffs offer a different charm to your look – I consider it a balance between sophistication and cute, as it’s a slightly toned-down version of fur. Both the ivory and black options have the faux teddy texture wrapped around the entire earmuff, while the lining features light padding for extra comfort when wearing them. We like how the muff will fit the entirety of your ear without being too oversized. Unfortunately, though, you can’t adjust the headband nor can you fold it into a compact size, so it’s less functional for travel.

Price at time of publish: $65

Material: Polyester  |  Colors: 2  |  Foldable: No  | Adjustable Headband: No

Lele Sadoughi Ivory Pearl Earmuffs

Best Decorative

What we love: The framing that holds the pearls together is made of 14k plated gold, ensuring it will be quite sturdy.

What we don’t love: They’re very oversized.

Lele Sadoughi takes a preppy approach to earmuffs with this fun pair covered in pearls and extra fluffy white faux fur.  We know the pearls might seem like a rather flimsy way to hold together ear muffs, but they sit atop a 14k gold-plated frame, making it quite sturdy.  Of course, the amount of pearls on the band is fixed, so you won’t be able to adjust them for size in any way.

They’re also very oversized, so they’re definitely a commitment to the look. However, the sizing will make sure your head stays warm because they cover a little bit of your cheeks and upper neck.

Price at time of publish: $125

Material: Faux fur, faux pearl, 14k gold plated frame |  Colors: 1 |  Foldable: No | Adjustable Headband: No

Apparis Eleni Faux Fur Headband

Best Headband

What we love: There’s an elastic band at the back that stretches around your head.

What we don’t love: The tag sticks out.

For a little more coverage, try a headband instead of just plain earmuffs — it gives a similar appeal and warmth but covers the entire head. This faux fur option from Apparis, who excels at bringing luxury to faux fur products, comes recommended by senior commerce editor Chloe Anello. The fluffy style is actually warm enough to let you survive a blizzard, according to Anello, who wore it on a winter hike after a snowstorm. “A lot of earmuffs compress my ears too much when worn for an extended period of time. This is a nice alternative. And I can even wear AirPods underneath the headband comfortably,” she says.

You can purchase the headband in a wide range of fun colors, including one cheetah print option. Unfortunately, it only comes in one size (22 inches) but Anello says the elastic vegan leather band at the back stretches around your head, making it a snug, yet comfortable fit. Anello notes, though, that the tag in the back does stick out, so you might want to consider cutting it out before wearing it.

Price at time of publish: $42

Material: Polyester  |  Colors: 8  |  Foldable: N/A | Adjustable Headband: No

Gorski Fox Fur Earmuffs

Best Fur

What we love: Gorski practices ethical sourcing when it comes to real animal fur.

What we don’t love: You can’t adjust the size.

Gorski, a brand loved and recommended by stylist Sarah Toshiko West for their ethical business practices, is a luxurious addition to your winter wardrobe. To get in on the winter baby aesthetic trending on social media right now, pick up these powder blue ear muffs right now. Gorski sources all fur from Finland using ethical sourcing practices — as ethical as using real fur in your products can get, that is. By partnering with suppliers and farms that place emphasis on responsible practices, they minimize harm to the living beings used in their products.

You can’t adjust the one-size-fits-most headband (and the dimensions aren’t listed), but the brand strives to create well-crafted items, so we’re confident it will still be comfortable.

Price at time of publish: $150

Material: Fox fur |  Colors: 1 |  Foldable: No | Adjustable Headband: No

What to Keep in Mind


“Your outer ears are mostly made of cartilage with very little fat to insulate them, which is why they seem to be the first thing on our bodies to get so cold,” says Toshiko West. In order to make up for its lack of natural insulation, cover them up with soft and highly insulating materials like polyester or real fur. You’ll find that every single one of the options listed here, from the Los Angeles Apparel Earmuffs to the Gorski Fox Fur Earmuffs, uses one or the other to create their earmuffs. It’s also important to look at how the material is woven or used. For example, the Surblue Warm Knit Earmuffs have a knitted exterior with a faux-fur interior. This works double duty to provide maximum warmth. The Jocelyn Eskimo Kiss Earmuffs, on the other hand, have faux sherpa all around the earmuffs, which offers a different visual appeal to the product.


While our heads vary slightly in size from person to person, they don’t vary as much as our other body parts, which makes it easier for earmuffs to be used as unisex. You’ll find that most brands (if not all) offer their earmuffs in one size, with the best options offering an adjustable headband (like the Los Angeles Apparel Earmuffs and the H&M Fluffy Earmuffs). But to avoid any size mishaps, we recommend checking the description on each product to see if they have listed out the dimensions of the earmuffs. For example, the Apparis Eleni Faux Fur Headband mentions that the head portion is 22 inches long. If you know yourself to have a larger or smaller head, or perhaps ears that sit slightly lower or higher on your frame, then take extra precautions to opt for adjustable headbands or contact the brand for size dimensions.

Your Questions, Answered

How do you style earmuffs?

Earmuffs can either add an endearing touch to a casual outfit or a sophisticated finish to a formal look. While the Yves Salomon Lamb Ear Muffs would complement a long black coat and high heels well, the H&M Fluffy Ear Muffs would suit a black puffer jacket and skirt. “I absolutely love earmuffs paired together with a wool A-line coat or trench coat with trousers and a cashmere scarf,” suggests Michaela Leitz. “A black or green sweater, some cute loafers, and earmuffs are the perfect look for sightseeing, a wine tasting, or even for going to the office,” she continues.

You can absolutely also go full fur-on-fur, too. Take the Lele Sadoughi Ivory Pearl Earmuffs, for example, they “work perfectly together with a fluffy long fake fur coat and super soft gloves,” adds Leitz. But let’s not forget that they are “perfect for a ski trip with friends” as well, says stylist Ashleigh Ashton. “Nothing beats a cute ski fit with earmuffs.”

Are earmuffs trendy?

Earmuffs have skyrocketed in popularity this year, thanks to the ongoing revival of Y2K trends. “It doesn’t even have to be cold,” says Ashton, “In the city, opt for a teddy coat and leather pants.” You can even wear them with a mini skirt and chunky knit. While they “can be a necessity in colder parts of the world, they add another layer of style expression to an outfit,” agrees Toshiko West. “With all the new options now available in 2023, you can see that earmuffs are definitely in,” she continues. But we think they’ll be around for a while after this winter because they serve as functional warmers that keep that fragile cartilage from frosting as well.

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