11 Beauty Products InStyle Editors Are Loving Right Now

<p>Hermes / Saint Jane Beauty </p>

Hermes / Saint Jane Beauty

April has been full of surprises. The first of the month ushered in the year's first mercury retrograde — and it won't end until the 25th. Here in New York City, we also experienced a random earthquake and saw a near-total solar eclipse. So, it's safe to say that the InStyle team has been leaning into our beauty routines as a means of staying grounded through it all.

From the inky mascara our beauty director can't get enough of to the early-stage acne patches that saved me ahead of a big date, you can browse all of the products we've been loving lately below.

MAC Hyper Real Serumizer



Since its launch last year, MAC’s Hyper Real Serumizer has become my favorite makeup base. Leave it to MAC, right?! It plumps and smooths out my skin so my foundation glides right on, yet it has just the right amount of grip to keep it intact all day. Most importantly, it takes care of my complexion, too, with soothing niacinamide, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, barrier-supporting ceramides, and the rare, antioxidant-rich Japanese peony extract. — Lauren Valenti, beauty director

Irene Forte Phytomelatonin Rejuvenating Serum

<p>Irene Forte</p>

Irene Forte

On nights when I need to fall asleep fast and stay in REM, I turn to melatonin. So, using a melatonin-infused facial oil to get the most out of my beauty sleep is a no-brainer. This gorgeous oil uses phytomelatonin along with antioxidant-rich vitamin E to reduce signs of aging like wrinkle depth and volume, brown spots, UV spots, redness, and more. I love layering it over my evening active — retinal or alpha-hydroxy acids, depending on the night — for a synergistic anti-aging effect. Plus, it feels divine on my skin. — Kara Jillian Brown, beauty editor

Hermès Beauty Trait d'Hermès Mascara



I first twisted open my tube of Hermès Beauty Trait d'Hermès mascara in Noir Fussain last fall, and since that moment, it’s been my go-to for inky, voluminous lashes. There are three things I love most about it: its slim wand, which helps me apply it quickly with exacting precision; its lightweight formula (protective millet seed extract and nourishing shea and moringa butters keep my lashes healthy); and, of course, the gorgeous packaging — a gilded tube with a glossy black-and-white cap supplying that “quiet luxury” feel. — L.V.

Flamingo Dermaplane



I dermaplane my upper lip and eyebrows at least once a week. I love that it gives me a super clean and precise shave. But I've always hated that at-home versions are single-use. So, when Flamingo launched a refillable option, I was excited to try it. Since it has a weighted metal handle coated in slip-resistant coating, it feels far more substantial than its plastic predecessors. The razor comes with two blades to get you started, and then you can get a pack of six refills for $10. — K.J.B.

The Laundress Delicate Wash

<p>The Landress</p>

The Landress

Last fall, I got reacquainted with The Laundress’ full range of laundry offerings, and since then I’ve been on a new path of hand-washing all of my delicates, from lace bras to silk slip dresses. Their Delicate Wash is not only gentler on my clothes, leaving them with a light, elegant scent (that’s perfect for spring, might I add!), but also gives me a whole new appreciation for the craftsmanship and long-term maintenance of my most special pieces. I’ve been relishing the tactile and relaxing ritual each week. — L.V.

Peace Out Early Stage Acne Dots

<p>Peace Out Skincare</p>

Peace Out Skincare

I woke up on the morning of a very exciting second date to find a pimple brewing on my forehead. So, after washing my face, I immediately slapped on one of these patches. They're made from hydrocolloid to help protect the pimple from further contaminants, while salicylic acid kills bacteria and soothes inflammation. I wore it all day at work and by the time I was home and getting ready for dinner, the pimple was all but gone. — K.J.B.

Saint Jane Beauty Luxury Beauty Serum

<p>Saint Jane Beauty</p>

Saint Jane Beauty

For years, Saint Jane Beauty’s Luxury Beauty Serum has been a go-to for helping calm my rosacea, especially when it’s an angry flare-up (I only have myself and red wine to blame). It’s silky, lightweight, and sinks right into my skin. Meanwhile, anti-inflammatory CBD, a blend of 20 botanicals (including rosehip and sea buckthorn), and antioxidant-rich grapeseed oil work to keep my skin soothed and glowing. — L.V.

Aprés Heavenly Top GelCoat Set



Ever since Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nails blew up, I've been dying to try chrome nails. But because I do my own nails, I was always too nervous to try them. These new topcoats from Aprés are basically chrome in a bottle. You just brush them over your nails for a soft and pretty iridescent finish. Below, I used Blessed, a purple shade, atop a milky lavender jelly polish. — K.J.B.



The Outset Gentle Micellar Antioxidant Cleanser

<p>The Outset</p>

The Outset

This cleanser continues to be a hit in my group chat—and for good reason. It makes daily face washing decidedly less of a chore! The silky, lightweight jelly works satisfyingly fast to remove stubborn eye makeup and the day’s buildup while nourishing my sensitive skin with its Hyaluroset complex, amino acid blend, and antioxidant-rich fruit extract blend. It’s a real lifesaver on those nights you’re trying to beeline to your bed as fast as humanly possible. — L.V.

L'Oréal Professionnel Steampod



Big, bouncy curls are my thing, but I don't like them when they're too perfect. I find I get the best look when I curl them with this L'Oréal flatiron. It's a steam iron, so your hair ends up smoother and sleeker than it would be sans the hydration from the water. But my favorite part about the tool is its built-in comb. It separates my strands as the flat iron runs over them, allowing me to get a super sleek and clean finish. — K.J.B.

Curlsmith Continuous Spray Bottle



A key part of my curl styling routine is spritzing them in-between washes with a spray water bottle; it gives them a refresh so that their spring and definition bounce back. What sets this one apart is its continuous spray mechanism, which practically does the work for you, gently distributing water so that my hair is just the right amount of damp (i.e. wet enough that it’s resetting my curls, but not too drenched that it’s going to take forever to dry!). — L.V.

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