10 AirPods Cases So Stylish, I’d Carry Them For Fashion Alone

Alicia Kort
·1 min read

Now that you’re taking your Apple AirPods everywhere, you might as well accessorize them. But for real, these babies aren’t cheap, so it’s a good idea to put a protective layer between your wireless charging hub and the world. That’s why I found the best AirPods cases for you to choose from, from minimalist designs to over-the-top bold picks.

As someone who has cracked more than a few iPhone screens in her time, I’ve learned first-hand the terror of accidentally breaking an Apple product. Although the pods seem like they could hold up if you dropped them a few times, I’m not about to take any chances. AirPods cost $159 and the Pro versions can be as much as $249, so...

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