This 1-year-old with Down syndrome has the cutest relationship with his brothers

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Nicole Powell, a mother of five, shares heartwarming videos of her kids on TikTok while giving viewers a peek into life raising a child with Down syndrome.

Powell’s youngest child, 18-month-old Tripp, was born with Down syndrome, and her family has made it a mission to bring positivity and awareness to the condition through social media.

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Powell’s sons, 10-year-old Jayce and 7-year-old Rayce, are both very protective of Tripp, and Powell’s videos show that they love him to bits.

According to Powell, her kids take it upon themselves to educate others about Down syndrome.

“Jayce is the oldest of all 5 siblings so he has the big brother skills down and is always drawing the Down syndrome ribbon or talking about Down syndrome at school to educate his friends and peers,” she told In The Know.

In fact, when it comes to stigmas about the condition, the family’s motto is “Aren’t we all different?” Powell posted a Q&A series for World Down Syndrome Day in which Rayce and Jayce talk about the genetic condition and put their love for Tripp on full display.

Speaking about people with Down syndrome, Powell said, “They are more like me and you than they are different. They are so able. They want the same things we want. Their hearts are SO full from birth. They just love. Something we could all learn from.”

This sweet video shows Rayce, singing “10,000 Hours” to Tripp. Powell included in her caption that Rayce said, “This is my song to Tripp.” She also wrote, “Rayce wants to do a remake every year like a tradition!”

Responding to a commenter, Powell said, “We’re going to post it every year to watch them grow.”

“I’m so glad my children get to grow up with Tripp. He has opened all of our hearts and minds and just the way we view the world has changed for the better,” she concluded.

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