For $1, delivery driver will 'look you in the eyes' and say something nice

Morale has been so bad lately that one pizzeria in Brooklyn is trying to singlehandedly boost it — although, not through food. Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Williamsburg concocted a clever idea for hungry customers who are quarantining and concerned about the state of the world. For an extra $1, customers can order a side of “positive reinforcement”. The pizzeria’s menu on Seamless reads, “For $1, our delivery driver will look you straight in the eyes and tell you ‘EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE OK AND YOU’RE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN'”. Co-owner Sean Berthiaume told the New York Post that he came up with the concept after seeing how many people were visibly stressed and upset leading up to the first 2020 presidential debate. “I saw how stressed out and sad and kind of lost everyone has felt for a long time,” he said. Berthiaume added that he didn’t expect anyone to opt-in for it, but more than 50 orders have requested the extra pick-me-up. “This is making my day way better. We aren’t pandering. I think in the grand scheme of things we want to bring some light in this dark time,” one driver told the publication. “I didn’t do this to go viral. We have a special connection with our customers. And I just thought it would be fun,” said Berthiaume