$1 Cartier purse from the 1920s fetches shocking price at auction, thanks to ‘lucky girl syndrome’

An antique Cartier handbag purchased for just $1 ended up being worth three times a TikToker’s rent — which some are saying is all thanks to “lucky girl syndrome.”

A vintage clothing store owner, Chandler (@chlorisvintage), had no idea that her small estate sale purchase would fetch such a large amount at auction — nor that the auction footage would gain over 8.3 million views.

Much like the couple who made a stunning discovery in the ceiling of Marilyn Monroe’s final home with Joe DiMaggio, Chandler’s video is encouraging TikTokers to keep an eye out for treasures from the past — and to manifest their own luck in life.

In a series of TikToks posted prior to the viral auction results, Chandler explained that the purse was purchased as part of a small lot at an estate sale.

A year after purchasing the lot, she finally began to sort through the pieces to research them. That’s when she noted that the small silk handbag was likely much older than just “vintage,” but rather “antique-level old.”

But when she more closely examined the lapis lazuli clasp, set with small diamonds, she began to suspect that the purse was not just very old, but was probably far more valuable than $1.

After turning to a Facebook group dedicated to analyzing vintage pieces, Chandler was instructed to look around the bag for any kind of signature.

It wasn’t until she looked under the clasp that she finally found the signature — only to discover that it was marked “Cartier.”

Stunned, Chandler looked around online for other 1920s Cartier handbags and found many that resembled hers. She then brought the bag to a jeweler who confirmed that the clasp included 12 real diamonds and who authenticated the Cartier signature.

From there, Chandler was advised to bring the purse to an auction house, as the true value of the purse lay not just in its materials, but in its collectibility as an Art Deco Cartier piece.

After speaking with multiple auction houses, Chandler went with Rago Auctions, owned by David Rago of “Antiques Roadshow.”

That’s where the purse’s journey took an incredible turn — all thanks to “lucky girl syndrome,” as Chandler credits in the viral video’s caption.

Lucky girl syndrome is a TikTok trend in which women are manifesting their wildest hopes and dreams. By adopting the phrase “I’m so lucky” as a personal mantra, these TikTokers claim they’ve brought opportunities and positive changes into their lives.

For Chandler, her incredible estate sale find is proof that there must be some luck in her life, as her sweet little Cartier handbag made her a whopping 659,900% profit at auction (factoring in a 12% fee from the auction house).

“I’ve never been happier for someone I don’t know!”

TikTokers celebrated with Chandler in her auction success — and claimed some of her lucky girl vibes for themselves.

“I claim this energyyy ✨ so happy for you!,” one user wrote.

“I know you deserve all that money and more! Congratulations Gurl! Cheers to more success in life for you! 🍾🥂💖💖💖,” another user cheered.

“LOVE this for you! May lucky girl syndrome be with you all of 2023!” wished one user.

“I’ve never been happier for someone I don’t know! Congratulations!” commented another.

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