Makeup Artist With Vitiligo Posts Transformation

instagram shows her vitiligo transformation
Logina Salah is a makeup artist who embraces her skin condition. (Photo: Instagram/Loginasalah)

Logina Salah, a Beverly Hills. Calif. certified makeup artist, has posted hundreds of impressive makeup looks on her Instagram account. But she recently shared a personal transformation that set itself apart from the rest because of its deeper meaning and powerful message.

The Egypt-based MUA showed off her own before-and-after in which she covered up her vitiligo — a condition that causes skin discoloration.

“Today’s workshop was about the coverage and scar camouflage..I couldn’t find a better model than me and that was the result,” she captioned the post.

Salah’s Instgram was met with a number of positive comments from followers. Many noted that she is beautiful both with and without the makeup. “Once you see her without makeup, how could you ever ask her to cover it up? She’s a knockout,” one user commented. “You’re so professional and beautiful in both of them. Great job, Logina,” another added.

The artist, whose vitiligo started when she was 15-years-old, is comfortable with her vitiligo at the current stage of her life, but still loves to create her own makeup looks. She tells Yahoo Beauty that on days when she doesn’t feel like wearing makeup, she’ll go fresh-faced, which she says happens about 2 to 3 days a week.

However, Salah wasn’t always so comfortable embracing her skin. “When I first got it I was so insecure about how I looked and how the community would accept me, so I used to always try to cover it by mixing different shades of eyeshadow and foundation,” she says. “But not long ago I started to accept myself as I am and apply makeup because I love makeup — not out of insecurity.”

Salah is comfortable in her own skin. (Photo: Logina Salah)
Salah is comfortable in her own skin. (Photo: Logina Salah)

As a makeup artist, she has a unique perspective because she fully supports both covering up the condition and showing it off to the world

“It’s OK to hide what you believe to be a ‘flaw’ sometimes, but don’t let them get in and destroy your inner peace. Whomever is judgmental is an insecure person. Never build your self esteem on his opinion and let his opinion get into you and shape who you are or how you act,” she says.

She believes that people should be judged more on their personality and manners than the way they look. However, she appreciates the gift her profession gives her in that it allows her to bring joy to others through her makeup talents. “My favorite part is drawing a smile on my client’s face and helping people to perceive beauty from a different perspective. The most important thing is self acceptance and to try to be the best you can be.”

Salah looks at her skin as a blessing in her life. “In your mess there is always a disguised blessing, my vitiligo — what I believed to be a mess — was the reason why I made it that far in life as a makeup artist and as a person who accepted herself.”

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