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Prancercise Is Back With New Moves

August 12, 2014

Prancercise Lady is back! The woman behind the workout sensation that draws inspiration from a horse’s gait, Joanna Rohrback, recently released “Official Prancercise®Fitness with Passion,” part two to her viral fitness hit. The original Prancercise Fitness Workout video has been viewed more than 10,000,000 times.

Despite how kooky Rohrback’s exercise tips seem, she might actually be on to something. Her signature moves, which include “the prancercise gallop” and “the prancercise box,” combine cardio and arm movements that work the entire body. And a new addition seen in the latest video doesn’t just mimic the massive creatures, she actually runs alongside some horses.

Joined by Victor Cutino, president of horse sanctuary Peaceful Ridge Rescue, the pair attempts to “develop some fitness straight from the heart.” Interestingly, close equine interaction has actually been shown to help mental health patients. In fact, horse counseling is a growing trend in psychotherapy for patients with PTSD, grief, depression, substance abuse, autism, and anxiety.

Rohrback’s rhymes and eccentricity might make for a good laugh, but Prancercising is totally serious.