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Selfies with Food

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
March 13, 2014

First there was the selfie. Then there was the felfie. Then there was the Eric Ripert-elfie. (Oh, that was just a significant moment in our lives?) Monday, TIME ranked the Selfiest Cities in the World (#1 is Makati City in the Philippines). And then eye rolls from here to Timbuktu shook the universe. 

Just kidding; we won’t hate on the selfie. And we won’t hate on foodie Instagrams, either. In fact, we’d like to take this post to point out a breed of selfies we’ve been following for a while: the selfie with food. Look and learn. 

Selfie with food bestie. Photo credit: Carl De Belen

New York chef Pichet Ong gets meta with food selfie, capturing his image reflected in a pool of olive oil. Photo credit: Pichet Ong

Adorable chef selfie (not with food, but hey…food adjacent). Chelfie? Photo credit: Le Royal Monceau

Cubist selfie with food. Photo credit: Dianne Matsumoto

Selfie with booze, a.k.a. our kind of food selfie. Photo credit: Joiners Arms

Nail art selfie with food. Photo credit: Cindy LGH

College cooking selfie with food, a.k.a. no plates, no problem. Photo credit: Eddie

Tween Queen pop star and social media obsessive Selena Gomez even got in on the action, posting herself with her beloved Starbucks brew. Photo credit: Selena Gomez