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Martha Stewart Does a Reddit Ask Me Anything, Real Talk Ensues

Rachel Tepper Paley
March 6, 2014

Photo credit: Reddit/ThisIsMarthaStewart

Oh, Martha. You be funny. The Duchess of DIY bravely took to Reddit on Thursday and shared some food and entertaining wisdom, plus a few hilarious personal tidbits that might have you snorting at your computer. 

Without further ado, here are nine things we learned from Martha:

1. Truffle oil is ruinous. Ruinous! 

2. One taco is not enough tacos.

3. The rules of entertaining are way easier than you think.

4. The secret to a better apple pie is…

5. Don’t make it up as you go.

6. Kale is not overrated, people. But soda is.

7. She’d probably beat Gordon Ramsay in a bake-off.

8. Freezing cottage cheese? Just, no. 

And a bonus: