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Eggs, a Whole New Way

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
February 14, 2014

Saturday mornings are for leisurely meals—those made while dancing to some sick tunes. Enter: Brunch Beats.

Photo credit: courtesy Food52

San Francisco chef Daniel Patterson discovered a whole new way to poach and scramble eggs, BY DOING THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. He whisks four eggs in a bowl and then slips the mess into boiling water, almost instantly cooking the scramble all at once. Then he drains the puffy egg cloud and serves it with sea salt, fresh herbs, and a bit of toast on the side.

As Food52 points out, there are many awesome things about this technique: once the water’s boiling, the whole thing takes about 40 seconds, you look like a magician to anyone who’s watching you, and you avoid having to deal with a crusty pan. So get the recipe here.

While you’re discovering Patterson’s trick for yourself, listen to the Scissor Sisters’ “Whole New Way.” It will give you the confidence you need to enter this brave new breakfast world. And it will put a little shake in your hips, which is never a bad thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day (and morning after Valentine’s Day).