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Burgers That Crank Up the Crazy

Burgers That Crank Up the Crazy

Photo credit: StockFood / Greg Rannells Photography

When it comes to the iconic American burger, some purists appreciate the simplicity of a true American classic: A hefty patty of flavorful beef charred on the outside and perfectly pink at the center. A fresh-baked brioche bun crisped on a buttery griddle, then piled with crispy lettuce and peak season tomatoes. Elegant and elemental. The perfect burger.

Then there are the folks who think that the burger is a form unto itself — a blank canvas that begs for all manner of crazy flavors and ingredient combinations. Folks who embrace the culinary crazy, and consider the burger their insanity delivery device.

These visionaries go where we (rightfully) fear to tread. Behold their high-cholesterol handiwork.

Hamburger Fatty Melt

Essentially three meals in one, this patty between two grilled cheese sandwiches comes to us from the geniuses at “A Hamburger Today.” Inspired by a diner in Fisherville, Virginia, this triple-decker combo goes light on the beef (only a 4-ounce patty) but sets the indulgence meter off the charts nonetheless.

The Luther Burger

Many credit soul singer Luther Vandross for this otherworldly melding of two classics — the hamburger and Krispy Kreme doughnut— into a unified salty-sweet combo. Not that he’s the inventor of the dish, per se, but his rumored affinity for wispy donuts and juicy patties earned him a place in culinary urban mythology.

The Pickleback

It’s probably not the first time that a hipster bar shot has made it to the kitchen, but the Pickleback combines the tangy brine of deep fried dill pickles with an Irish whiskey glazed-burger. Served at Philadelphia’s notorious PYT Burger joint, it’s a good way to have a consistent order during a long, late night of drinking.