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Mockumentary of Pop-Up Restaurant Totally Spot-On

Rachel Tepper Paley
August 6, 2014

At Underfinger, a one-night pop-up restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, the dinner is “not something you consume; it is something that consumes you.”

Does that not make sense? Just wait until you see what’s on the menu at this hot, neo-Scandinavian restaurant. It involves donning a glove made from charcuterie, then gnawing on it. Cooking your own seahorse sashimi over flaming, vodka-infused hay. Or best of all, plucking sea bream fish sticks right off their Lego placemat. In case you were wondering, those are plated with a carrot foam that—as Underfinger chef Jesper Paulsen puts it in the video above—"is bitter, because otherwise it would be too enjoyable, and life is not entirely pleasure. We must struggle."

If you hadn’t already guessed it, Underfinger is one big joke inspired by a fake restaurant review written by the blog The Infatuation. The mockumentary above, though, might be even funnier than the original (and very ridiculous) review. Its particular brand of deadpan humor only emphasizes how silly modernist cuisine can be.

But hey—at least even food scenesters can laugh at themselves, right?

[via Eater]