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Vanilla-Lime Flan
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6 Ways Lime Zest Makes Everything Better

Rachel Tepper Paley
August 27, 2014

Stop! Don't toss out that lime peel! Though bitter in its untouched state, finely grated lime zest is an essential ingredient that lends dishes an extra oomph of brightness and citrus flavor.

We recommend starting with a whole lime, and giving it a one over with a finely-textured rasp grater or a small-toothed box grater. Don't grate the white stuff! It tends to be more bitter. Use the zest as a garnish. Use it as a base ingredient. And whatever you do, don't throw it in the trash.

As evidence of its versatility, here are six recipes that prove some dishes—from grilled shrimp to olive tapenade to flan—are just straight-up better with lime zest than without it.