Zendaya Has Been Wearing the Same Heels Nonstop—and There’s a Cute Reason Why

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Throughout the past few months, we’ve seen Zendaya wear a bevy of unique looks as she promoted Dune: Part Two and Challengers, from knotted dresses and naked armor to glittering gowns and tennis whites. As her stylist, Law Roach, pointed out, he and Zendaya have been tackling these press tours with a “method dressing” approach. “I think of it as method dressing, kind of like method acting,” he told Harper’s Bazaar back in February.

One thing, however, has remained consistent throughout most of these ensembles: Zendaya’s shoes—the Christian Louboutin So Kate 120 pump. For years, these sharp-heeled red bottoms have been a staple of the Euphoria star’s wardrobe, and when Roach sat down for a recent interview, he explained why the Emmy-winning actor loves the iconic footwear.

“So, I think that the So Kate is one of the most versatile shoes. It’s also one of the most painful,” Law told Recho Omondi on her podcast, The Cutting Room Floor. With this lead-in, Law went on to tell the story of how So Kates became Zendaya’s go-to shoe, saying, “It actually started when she was like 14, and I remember she had these So Kates on all day. It’s the first time she’d ever worn them, and she was collapsing. And she’s like, ‘I have to take these shoes off.’ I’m like, ‘You will not take these shoes off.’ And she kept them on, and the next day she put them on again, and the next day she put them on again.”

Turns out, this was all it took for Zendaya to fall in love with the heels. “It kind of became our thing,” Law said. “And now, her feet are just kinda like trained. She could wear them all day, she could dance in ’em, she could kick her legs up, she can run down stairs.”

However, as to whether this continued relationship is motivated by a sponsorship from Christian Louboutin, Law has an answer for that too. “People always ask this—we get no monetary anything from Christian Louboutin. They have never wrote us a check. It has always been a really authentic, organic relationship that she just loves the shoes.”

Of course, the duo isn’t getting nothing in return. “Now, did they just send me 40 pairs for the Challengers press tour? They did,” Law joked. “But, they never—there’s never been any type of pay for play, any type of sponsorship, anything. I actually became really good friends with Christian because of it and I know his team globally. And if we need one in a crunch situation, they’ll call the store, they’ll do whatever to get her the shoe because it’s become so synonymous with her.”

Then there’s also the obvious reason that Law closes his statement with: “[They’re] just great with everything.”

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