New Zealand Police respond to 4-year-old boy's adorable plea

One New Zealand police officer can confirm: this 4-year-old has the coolest toys.

In an update posted to Facebook, New Zealand Police revealed an exchange that was "too cute not to share" from its emergency dispatch department.

"This is police, where is your emergency?" the female telephone operator asked.

"Police lady...? Can I tell you something?" a little boy's voice asked. "I've got some toys for you."

She responded, "You've got some toys for me?" she asked.

"Yep, come over and see them!" the little boy exclaimed.

The brief exchange was cut off by a scuffle, followed by the boy's father joining the line to say there was no emergency.

But the dispatcher was touched by the moment and made a call for any officer who was free to stop by and see the boy.

"There is a 4-year-old there who is wanting to show police their toys, over," she said on the internal radio system.

A New Zealand Police constable identified as Constable Kurt responded to the request.

"Yeah, I'm one up, I'll attend to," he replied.

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Upon his arrival at the boy's house, Constable Kurt from Southern District Police was shown an array of toys.

"He did have cool toys!" the officer, who also turned on the lights of the police car for the boy, confirmed.

New Zealand Police told TODAY Parents that Constable Kurt has been with the New Zealand Police force for more than six years.

"It was no doubt a lighter, fun moment out of the Constable's day," a representative for the force told TODAY, adding that Kurt reminded the boy during his visit that dialing 111 is for emergencies only. "Helping foster a positive relationship with the police at an early age promotes that trust and confidence in the organization, and is something the New Zealand Police Service works hard to do."

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The spokesperson added that New Zealand Police aims to have the trust and confidence of all.

"This includes positive, proactive engagement with our communities whenever we can — not just responding to calls for service," New Zealand Police said.