'Yellowstone' And '1923' Fans Need To Sit Down For This Heartbreaking Episode News

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'1923' Fans Won't Like This Episode NewsParamount+

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This story contains spoilers from 1923.

It's been over a month since 1923 premiered on Paramount+, and fans already want more from the 20th-century version of the Dutton family. But sadly, it looks like it will be a little while until we can catch up with them.

As viewers are aware, the second Yellowstone prequel series features the iconic rancher clan still fighting for their land in Montana. But unlike the original series, this one focuses on Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford), who alongside his wife Cara (Helen Mirren) are desperately trying to keep things afloat. Between the Prohibition, the beginnings of the Great Depression and every day family drama, folks continue to tune in to see whether the Duttons can withstand the latest crisis to hit the Yellowstone Ranch.

But this month, viewers quickly realized that the hit drama stopped airing new episodes as of late. This has led everyone to wonder when the Yellowstone spinoff will come back. Unfortunately, there will not be a new episode of 1923 this Sunday night. But it doesn't mean that the show is done altogether — there's still a lot more to come from the Dutton family.

When does 1923 episode 5 come out?

1923 will return to Paramount+ with episode 5 on February 5, 2023. While there isn't an official reason for the hiatus, the Taylor Sheridan-created series did drop a hint about what's next for the show.

In a midseason trailer posted on the show's official Instagram, there were clues regarding a number of storylines, such as the Dutton patriarch waging war with Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn)'s sheep herders while also recovering from an existing gunshot wound. Viewers will also seemingly catch up with Jacob's nephew Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) as he treks from Africa to Montana alongside his current love interest Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer).

"The story is far from over," the show captioned the post on January 9. "#1923TV returns with all new episodes February 5, only on #ParamountPlus."

What's more, the final episodes of the first season will all debut by the end of February. Here's a look at the 1923 season 1 schedule for reference:

  • Episode 5: February 5

  • Episode 6: February 12

  • Episode 7: January 19

  • Episode 8: February 26

Where can I watch and stream 1923?

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While you're busy waiting for new episodes to stream, you can go back and watch 1923 from the beginning on Paramount+. If you don't have an account yet, you have the opportunity to test out a 7-day free trial before opting into plans which start at $4.99 per month.

Once you have your account all set up, just head on to the 1923 title page on the Paramount+ official website. What's more, you can also stream the show from anywhere right on the Paramount+ app.

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