'X-Files' fans go nuts over sex scene between Mulder and Scully

Things got a little touchy-feely on The X-Files when Scully got into bed with Mulder. It all started when a crazy lady told Scully she was past her prime. So the FBI agent went to her longtime partner for a morale boost. Scully asked Mulder if he thought she was old, and he responded with, “You still got it going on. You still got some scoot in your boot.”

With the case and the crazy lady’s comments really bothering Scully, she went into Mulder’s hotel room and asked if he would hold her. She got into bed, and they spooned as they chatted about their future together and, of course, how the president is trying to bring down the FBI. It was all fairly innocent until Mulder returned from the bathroom and we saw Scully’s bare shoulder! And just like that, The X-Files became The Sex-Files.

Fans took to Twitter to share their delight in seeing such an intimate moment between the two characters for the first time.

The sexual encounter wasn’t just a one-night stand, either. The episode ended teasing the possibility of an ongoing physical relationship, as Scully opened the door to Mulder’s hotel room only to find him waiting for her. It’s only a matter of time before there’s an X-Files wedding!

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