'X Factor UK' singer falls off stage after performance

The X-Factor UK on Sunday found 20-year-old singer-songwriter Tommy Ludford a big hit with his original song, “Dipping Biscuits.” But then he felt a big hit: Finishing his performance, he ran out of stage behind him and went crashing to the floor a good four or five feet below.

There were some dramatic reactions from judges, fans, and fellow contestants, but Ludford stood and fist-pumped, indicating that he was fine.

By day a kitchen porter in Sussex, Ludford initially impressed the judges in his audition a few weeks ago with his unique mix of singing and rapping.

The unfortunate fall came during the six-chair challenge, in which Ludford was fighting to keep a seat under mentor and former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson. And it just so happens that Tomlinson is a pretty good guy, because guess which direction he was headed after the fall? Straight to Ludford’s side.

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