Woody Harrelson is not interested in revisiting 'True Detective'

In 2014, before a sophomore season would ding its reputation, True Detective was a critically acclaimed hit drama for HBO. Many fans gravitated to Matthew McConaughey’s wily performance as Rust Cohle, but Woody Harrelson matched his longtime friend beat for beat with an impressive performance as the deeply flawed but still likable Martin Hart.

Last year, McConaughey gave fans hope for a revival when he told The Rich Eisen Show that he’d be interested returning to the series as his long-haired, beer-swilling detective character — but his co-star wants to leave well enough alone.

“I don’t see doing that [again],” Harrelson told Yahoo Entertainment. “Because it went very well the first time and [if I] come back around to it, what else are you going to hear but, ‘Not as good! Just wasn’t as good. Boy, you guys were good before, but this time…’ I don’t want to even hear that.”

True Detective is available to stream on HBO Go.

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