Women confront man allegedly taking photos of them at pool

A group of women filmed themselves confronting a "creep" who they claimed took photos of them while they lounged by a pool. "Stay safe out there, ladies," Tiktok user @maiphammy wrote in the caption. “Excuse me, I’d really appreciate if you deleted the photos of us off your phone,” one of the women says in the TikTok. After the man denies having photos of them on his phone, one of the women asks him to show them his camera roll. As he quickly scrolls through, one of them immediately spots multiple photos of them. "Can you please delete them?" one woman asks. The man then asks the girls to stop hovering above him while he deletes the photos because the situation is "intimidating" for him. "I'm just making sure you're deleting them all," a woman explains. "And from your recently deleted [folder]”. "You guys did the best thing," one person commented. "You're so brave”. "He was shaking," another said, referring to how the man's hands were seemingly shaking while he was going through his camera roll