Woman shares 'real reason' she always kept a Bible in prison: 'That is so cruel'

A formerly incarcerated person revealed why she always kept a Bible in prison. TikToker Keri Blakinger identifies as a "felon" and a reporter. She shared the "real reason" she always had a religious text on hand when she was serving time. "We all knew that when you got transferred from jail to prison, the only thing that you could bring was a religious book. And the only religious book that we had around that jail was Bibles" . Blakinger opened up the pages of her prison Bible to reveal numbers and addresses for lawyers. She explained that if you couldn't remember all the numbers and names you needed, the only way to keep them was to hide them in a Bible. She explained in the comment section that the notes in the margins had to be a secret because "they would take the book if you altered it or if there were names of other prisoners" . People on TikTok empathized with Blakinger's experience. "Prison is so dehumanizing. Y'all are so smart for writing addresses in the Bible," a person wrote

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