Woman faces dilemma after friend refuses to pay her own expensive dinner: ‘She is trying to get out of [it]’

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A woman is demanding a friend pay her back after an expensive dinner.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. She and a group of people went to dinner for a friend’s birthday. When splitting the bill was bothersome, they put it all on the Reddit poster’s card with the expectation they would pay her back. One person didn’t pay her back and started avoiding her messages altogether, it seemed.

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“Five of us (18F-20F) went to Nobu to celebrate our friend’s birthday,” the Redditor wrote. “Splitting the check is a hassle, so I paid, and they all would Venmo me. It’s Nobu, so the tab is large.”

“All of them but one Venmo’d me promptly. The last one hasn’t answered my Venmo request for several days. She knows I requested and texted her. I saw ‘read.'”

“So I texted in the group chat, ‘Hey X, can you Venmo me for Nobu. I haven’t gotten it yet.’ She texted and said ‘that’s a private matter. You don’t need to say anything in the chat and make me look bad.’ Yet, she still hasn’t paid yet,” the Redditor explained.

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People believed the friend was trying to scam her out of his money.

“She is trying to get out of paying you back,” a user wrote.

“She isn’t planning on paying you. Public shaming wasn’t enough to motivate her,” another said.

“Ignore her text and keep reminding her in the group chat,” a person added.

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