Woman alleges Lyft driver 'secretly' wrote down her address

A woman filmed a creepy Lyft ride, and now people on TikTok are applauding her quick thinking. TikTok user @its_timmie shared that she and her friends were visiting Nashville for a bachelorette party... and were taking a Lyft from their Airbnb when they noticed the driver was asking some weird questions. @its_timmie filmed herself interacting with the driver as he asked about their stay and how long they'd be in Nashville. She also claimed that she saw the driver allegedly write down their Airbnb address on a pad of paper. As the driver asked the group questions, all of them lied about certain aspects of the trip. For one, they said that they were checking out of the Airbnb that night and that a group of guys were also on the trip with them and expecting them. Fortunately, @its_timmie and her friends got home safe, and @its_timmie also said she immediately called Lyft's Critical Help Line to report the situation. "I appreciate you so much for this," one person wrote. "That's why I always do an address close to my house but not my actual house," someone else advised