Why Summer House’s West Wilson Reminds Us of Robin Williams

West Wilson
Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images
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Without a doubt, West Wilson is one of the most beloved rookies on Bravo. He came into Summer House with no agenda except to have a good time and make some friends for life. Most of the attention has been on West’s crush and possible relationship with Ciara Miller, but I am looking more into his soul. We have seen West take Ciara on a few New York City dates, and his charm is magical. He knows the exact right things to say and always gives the nicest compliments. He is the breath of fresh air we all needed.

The Midwestern man knows how to hold them, and he knows how to fold them, with viewers just wanting to learn more about him. He has been keeping his feelings about his crush close to his chest. Instead of jumping in head first, West takes his time to dip his toes into a relationship. So, while fans are yelling at their TVs, West is just enjoying the life around him. The sports writer is a lot of things, but I wonder if anyone else has noticed his resemblance to a famous comedian?

West resembles Robin Williams

Without a doubt, the honest West has a pretty decent funny bone. He cracks jokes like nobody’s business and enjoys a good chuckle. Personally, I see a young Robin Williams every time I sit down to watch him on Summer House. Both West and Robin are hilarious, and they know how to perfectly time a well-thought-out response. West has shown his wittiness over and over again.

I would argue that both have kind faces, too. Their compassion for others and amiable and benevolent behavior shine through. West shows that he is genuinely happy for others. I almost cried when he cheered for Danielle Olivera and her carnival win. West makes an effort to bond with all his roomies and seems to want to know what is going on in their lives. For example, when Kyle Cooke pushed West off his bike and basically broke his nose, the writer just took it on the chin. He didn’t even bother to get angry.

The Birdcage look

The Birdcage with Robin used to be one of my all-time favorite movies. So when I saw West sporting a backward fashion cap and a loose button-up holiday shirt, I thought I was looking at a doppelganger. Robin played Armand Goldman, whose character wore gold chains on his neck, a backward baseball cap, and a loose-fitting Miami button-up. The resemblance is uncanny. I legitimately had to do a double-take when West strolled onto the screen. The famed actor and reality TV star have the same fashion sense. I have always loved Robin’s quirky choices, and I truly think West can also pull the same look off.

Both have the same stature

Even though West commented on his height during the Summer House season premiere, I do not think he is short. West is the guy you want to bring home to Mom and Dad. But it probably doesn’t help his self-confidence to be dating a tall model, but I digress. Standing at 5’11 West isn’t far away from Robin’s 5’7 frame. Looking at these two side by side again, I see that they could be father and son. Their body types were muscular and lean without being overpowering.

This next trait may be something I only noticed, but both stars sweat a lot! I remember watching Robin perform a stand-up show where he had about a handful of water bottles behind him and was sweating at a rate that possibly could have dehydrated him. Robin even joked about it once, stating, “And they say there is no global warming. Is it hot enough for you? No, I like the sweat to be rolling down the crack of my *ss like Niagara Falls.”

West was also caught sweating on his first date during an NYC heat wave. He made a joke about it as he dabbed his forehead with multiple napkins. Looking past just their likable facial features, West and Robin share the same demeanor, fashion, and quirky sense of humor.


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