Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Ozempic? What Is It Exactly?

TikTok and social media news have been running ablaze with this word: Ozempic. But what is it? And why are the girlies in such an uproar about it?

In short, Ozempic is an injectable drug meant for those with Type 2 diabetes. In pop culture, the drug has gone viral as it is known for its appetite-suppressing effects. (You see where we're trending downwards already.) Known in the U.S. as Wegovy, it's specifically targeted at shedding pounds, and the rumor mill of the availability is already running amuck. Buzzy socialities and A-listers are accused of throwing "Ozempic parties," having friends come over and inject the weight loss drug into their bodies — talk about a "girl's night in."

Some celebrities linked to taking the drug are Mindy Kaling, Kim Kardashian and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards. Andy Cohen even tweeted, "Everyone is showing up 25 pounds lighter. What happens when they stop taking #Ozempic??)

While the results may be fast and appealing, the aftereffects are horrific. As it is meant specifically for those with the disease of diabetes, many who resort to indulging in the drug will experience significant volume loss in the face and skin as the collagen naturally needed in the skin/body will be adversely affected.

The Hypebae Beauty team's advice is simple: Prevention is better than cure – and why suffer when you don't have to? You're beautiful as you are.