'Wheel of Fortune' contestant gives one of the worst guesses in the show’s history

On Thursday's Wheel of Fortune, one of the contestants, Matt, made what may be one of the worst guesses in the history of the show. To make it worse, he had just guessed a letter, of which there were three on the board, that wasn’t even in his guess. Despite the second word starting with an N, and the last word containing two Ns, which Matt put on the board, he guessed “The Best Buttercut,” and viewers couldn’t help but share their thoughts, though there was confusion as to whether he said “Buttercut” or “Buttercup.”

Though Pat Sajak was off camera, his sarcasm was clear. Following Matt’s guess, Sajak responded, “Uh, no. Oddly enough, no.”

Matt was just a little off, as the correct answer was “The Next Generation.” Though he’ll have to go through life with the humiliation of guessing “The Best Buttercut” when that was clearly not the answer, Matt won, and took home a nice chunk of change.

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