Stephen Colbert offers Anthony Weiner hilarious gift at Jimmy Kimmel’s expense

On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Wednesday, Colbert spoke about disgraced New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, who spent nearly two years in prison for inappropriate online communication with a minor. The former congressman recently floated the idea of selling the photo that ended his career as an NFT (non-fungible token), along with other memorabilia from his numerous scandals. While Weiner’s idea gave Colbert plenty of fodder for comedy, he wasn’t too happy with the picture that accompanied the story in the New York Post. In the picture, Weiner is wearing a shirt with The Late Show logo, “LSSC.”

“Come on, Anthony!” Colbert said, pounding the desk. “You can’t wear any other shirt, or even wear no shirt at all?”

They then cut to a shirtless photo of Weiner, with the LSSC logo superimposed on his chest.

“Dammit!” Colbert yelled. “You got it tattooed?”

So, assuming that Weiner isn’t in a good situation financially, Colbert had an idea to help Weiner at the expense of a late night competitor.

“Look, Anthony, I know you're down on your luck right now. You’d be on Onlyfans if you only had fans. So maybe you can’t afford a new T-shirt. So I'm gonna send you a new one, OK?” Colbert said before holding up a different option. “This beautiful Jimmy Kimmel Live T-shirt, free of charge. And as always, on the back it says, ‘The official talk show of Anthony Weiner's penis!’ You're welcome, Jimmy!”

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