West Wilson on His Type: ‘No Pattern at All’

West Wilson
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West Wilson is one of the newest catches on this season of Summer House. The midwestern native joined the crew after being invited by Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke to have some fun in the Hamptons.

Aside from drinking and partying, West is also hoping to find love. He’s made his attraction for co-star Ciara Miller apparent, and they even went on a date! Consequently, many Bravo watchers are wondering what type of lady the sports writer is into.

During an episode of the MaleRoom podcast, West revealed that “aesthetically, there’s no pattern.” The rookie said that because he loves “beautiful women … race and origin” has never crossed his mind. In fact, he said it’s “all been different.” He continued: “Even personality has been different. But, I do think the girls that I’ve had longer relationships with, there has been a bit of a chase attached to them.”

Is Ciara West’s type on Summer House Season 8?

If you’ve been keeping up with this season of Summer House, you might’ve seen sparks flying between West and Ciara during earlier episodes. “West is impressing me, I’m not gonna lie,” Ciara said during a confessional. “How many dudes do you meet in New York City … you go on a date with them and they literally only talk about themselves? So, it is really nice to meet a guy who is actually inquisitive about my life.”

In another episode, the pair went on their first date together. “I’ve been on a zillion first dates in New York City, obviously, but this one … the stakes are much higher!” West noted in his interview. “If you meet a girl off Hinge and the date sucks, you’ll never see them again. I’m gonna see this woman 900,000 more times this summer, so … I gotta f*cking bring it.”

Ciara spoke more about her feelings for West in a separate clip, saying his age makes her a little nervous about testing the waters. “Honestly, I like him,” said Ciara. “But … it is in my DNA to be an intentional dater. I do want to be in a relationship, ultimately, that’s what I want. And I’m not jumping into anything right off the bat.”

“I usually date guys who are in, like, their mid-30s; 33 is like, the youngest — and he’s 28,” she continued. “It just makes me a little bit nervous. I think that guys that age, they’re [in their] prime, they’re having the time of their life. He’s not thinking about … literally anything!”

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