Your Weekly Work Horoscope for The Week of September 26, 2022

Your Weekly Work Horoscope for The Week of September 26, 2022. Discover your Weekly Work Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


On Monday, you'll need to make sure to keep your ears open. There's some key info that won't come your way except by chance. Most business midweek will be conducted on nonverbal, emotional levels, so be prepared for some unusual moments. By Thursday, you should be able to put it all together and take dramatic action. It's a good time for starting off in a new direction or taking the lead on a project. The weekend brings a good time for careful consideration of your career path.


You've got a hall pass of sorts on Monday as events conspire to allow you to chart your own course. If there's work you've been putting off, you can get it done or figure out a new direction. Things start to heat up dramatically midweek, and you could find yourself enmeshed in small-scale office warfare or getting piles of new work. Thursday, you could see a new way to improve profits or morale, but look at it very carefully before implementing it. There are likely to be unforeseen consequences if you don't give it a thorough examination.


You'll surprise yourself with your attitude on Monday. It's so positive it hurts. You'll be knocking good ideas back and forth all day, so make sure you get them down somehow. Midweek, you'll need to get serious as issues start mounting from all directions, especially customer service. If you can ensure that the right people feel satisfied, you'll win big. Thursday and Friday are all about teamwork. You'll find a new level of productivity as your group builds on its synergy. The weekend isn't optimal as far as work is concerned, but it's a good time to work on your resume.


Interoffice rivalries might get a little harsh on Monday, so be prepared for skirmishes. They could intensify midweek, and you might have a hard time choosing sides. See if you can maneuver yourself out of the line of fire for a while. You'll get more done. You'll be better able to help heal the wounds toward the end of the week if you've managed to rise above the fray. All in all, the week will be a success if you manage to lose as little ground as possible.


Yours will be the first voice listened to on Monday. Expect a good reception to almost anything you have to say. Take special care midweek with people you don't know well, but take even greater care with those you think you know best. Someone has a hidden agenda. Thursday and Friday bring work at its best—fun, exciting, invigorating, and (best of all) profitable. Your good spirits should rub off on the folks around you. The weekend is best spent volunteering or otherwise being focused on other people.

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Monday is full of tiny challenges, none of which poses much difficulty alone. The workload in its entirety might start to tire you, so seek help when you start to grow weary of it all. The next two days bring a new sense of curiosity that should lead you to ferret out new contacts and ideas that can help you adjust to changing conditions. Watch out for traps at the end of the week. You'll want to breeze past them, but they're just as tenacious as you. It could be several days before you extricate yourself.


Monday could as close to perfect as a day at work can be. Your skills are particularly in demand. Change is on the agenda for the middle part of the week. If you take the lead, then you can guide it in the best direction. Most likely, the changes will run deep, so prepare your co-workers for the revolution to come. Keep up the optimism through the end of the week. You'll be the one everyone checks in with.


Try to put off any important decisions until after Monday. Most likely, you'll be torn between two equally appealing alternatives, but one will soon become the clear choice. Tuesday and Wednesday are your days. You'll be the star no matter where you are. If there's a weakness in your business defenses, now is the time to shore it up. There's a risky scheme in the works that could come down to a big decision on Friday. Try to make sure that the risk is shared, or you might find yourself in an awkward position sooner than you think.


You'll be like a rock star or supermodel on Monday as far as co-workers and clients are concerned. You don't have to tell them that your recent success is more attributable to luck than sweat. Midweek, you could be deeper in thought than your job duties may permit. It's good, though. You're rethinking your whole career path. When you come out of it by Thursday, you'll be in exactly the right position to really make some positive changes and strike out in a good direction.


Monday is perfect for starting a new project. Permission will come quickly, and all the elements will be exactly where you need them to be. Rise above it all midweek and really look at where things are going. You'll have new insights that lead to smart decision-making. The last couple of days in the week will zip past without you even realizing. You'll be amazed at the end of Friday when you see how much you've done, especially if you stick to your schedule. The weekend is yours. If you spend it on your career, you'll see huge benefits.


You could make an important connection on Monday. You might not realize its significance at first, but it will become increasingly obvious over the next month that this person or institution means a great deal to your bottom line. Take time midweek to think about where you are and where you want to be in ten years. The big picture is especially important at this time. Your leadership skills will come into play on Thursday or Friday when your group needs some serious guidance. Odds are you'll have work to complete over the weekend. Force yourself to do it if you must.


Monday is the best time to flush out old relationships and clean up your current situation. It might not be easy, but it is necessary. You'll be energetic by midweek, and you'll feel up to any challenge, but optimism could turn on itself as you see rivals pulling ahead. Life gets a lot better on Thursday when a run of good luck nullifies any setbacks and puts you out ahead of the pack. You might want to think about calling in some favors over the weekend. If you do, it will boost your reputation considerably.

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