Watch Wolfgang Puck Make His Famous Barbecue Chicken Pizza From Spago

American pizza was unacceptable to Austrian-born chef Wolfgang Puck before he opened his famed Spago restaurant.

“One of the things I couldn’t find anywhere was a good pizza,” he declares. “I know they talk about Little Italy in New York, deep dish pizza in Chicago but they all taste like crap to me. I never liked them.”

But in this video for new Yahoo Food partner Lucky Peach, Puck demonstrates how to make Spago’s popular barbecue chicken pizza with homemade dough, spicy jalapeño pepper slices, and roasted chicken dressed in barbecue sauce.

The chef likes a mix of mozzarella and fontina cheeses for his chicken pie, and finishes it with a sprinkle of goat cheese. “The goat cheese has a little acidity and gives a little tanginess to our pizza,” Puck says.

If you’re not using homemade barbecue sauce, Puck says KC Masterpiece makes the best store-bought variety. “I don’t get paid by them, but I still like it,” he says.

Finish your pie with a bit of olive oil and herbs, and the world finally has decent pizza, according to Chef Puck. “But it all started at Spago.”

Check out the recipe for Wolfgang Puck’s barbecue chicken pizza here.

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