Watch Orlando Bloom Rescue a Dog and Try Not to Swoon

Orlando Bloom at a press conference in Shanghai
Orlando Bloom, who is blond for a new role, at a press conference in Shanghai on Oct. 17. (Photo: VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

Orlando Bloom has many great qualities — as Katy Perry can attest — but his love of animals is at the top of the list. Over the weekend, the actor rescued a dog he found bloodied and abandoned on a street in Shanghai, China.

Bloom, who has been filming Smart Chase: Fire & Earth in the Asian city, documented the rescue as an Instagram story. He found the dog, which had a pretty nasty injury, abandoned and ailing on the street. As a dog owner and lover, it broke his heart. “This lil girl,” he wrote on the photo next to a cracked-heart emoji.

Watch Orlando’s rescue here:

The naked paddleboarding aficionado took his new friend straight to the vet — and was hands-on in her care. First, they shaved her, with Lando working the shaver himself and cooing to her in that British accident, “Good girl.”

Next up was a bath — and the movie star did the washing. Again, there was more, “Good girl” gushing over the pup. There also a language barrier that had to be overcome when it came to the water temperature (“Too hot! Too hot!” he is heard saying), though they worked it out.

The last image was the dog sweetly resting while rocking the dreaded cone. “Step 3: R&R,” he wrote.

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Bloom is a tried and true dog lover. His faithful companion is Sidi, a 13-year-old canine.

Hanging in there. 12years. What I wouldn't give to get him a new liver.

A photo posted by orlandobloom (@orlandobloom) on Sep 11, 2015 at 8:37pm PDT

He also has a soft spot for his girlfriend Perry’s dog Butters.

The world needs more people like Bloom.