If you have to watch one Amazon Prime Video show this April, stream this one

A man raises a wine glass in Hannibal.

Streaming services like Amazon Prime Video are always hypervigilant in their attempt to make sure that you’re aware of what new shows are coming to their platform at any given time. They spend far less time, though, promoting all the things available on their service that they didn’t put any money behind creating.

While Prime Video and other streaming services definitely make great shows, their libraries are filled with things that they didn’t make that are often equally as great. Take Hannibal, for example. The series aired on NBC for three seasons, and is now available to stream on Prime Video. A sort of prequel to The Silence of the Lambs, the series is often both brilliant and stylish. Here are three reasons you should definitely check it out.

It’s more visually beautiful than almost any other show out there

Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal in bloody shirt

If you’re someone who appreciates the visual beauty of the stuff you watch, then look no further than Hannibal. On a relatively limited budget, the show’s creative team managed to create something so well shot and designed that it rivals some of the best movies ever made.

Great cinematography and attention to production values aren’t as rare on TV as they once were, but even in an era when plenty of shows look genuinely stunning, Hannibal stands out for its sheer attention to detail. Like its central character, it is always incredibly thoughtful and methodical, and it appreciates the beauty even in the barbarity that it’s often depicting.

It’s psychologically rich

Hannibal and Will in Hannibal

Hannibal is essentially a cat-and-mouse game between Will Graham, an empath uniquely skilled at catching killers, and Hannibal Lecter, a killer who is uniquely methodical and careful. As it evolves, though, part of the show’s juice comes from the incredibly complex relationship these characters develop as they circle and ensnare one another.

Hannibal is, of course, a psychiatrist, and the therapy sessions between him and Will are some of the show’s best scenes. They reveal what both men think of one another, even if they never exactly come out and say it.

It’s a rich feast for Mads Mikkelsen lovers

A man looks at a fork in Hannibal.

Mads Mikkelsen is one of the great actors of his generation, and Hannibal was his introduction to American audiences for many. Playing Hannibal is a tall order, especially considering Anthony Hopkins’ legendary performance in the role.

Unsurprisingly, though, Mikkelson makes the character entirely his own, imbuing him with sophistication and barbarity in equal measure. Of course, he is surrounded by a cast that also includes Hugh Dancy and Laurence Fishburne doing some of the best work of their careers. Still, if you’re someone who always finds themselves fascinated by Mads Mikkelsen and his energy, Hannibal is a must-watch.

Hannibal is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.