The Latest Trailer for 'The Romanoffs' Promises Dancing, Drinking, and Disfunction

Matthew Weiner's new show The Romanoffsis something of a Mad Men reunion, but Christina Hendricks and John Slattery are only two of the many, many, faces in the latest full trailer for the Amazon show.

Set to a classical score, the clip above offers a preview of Weiner's "contemporary anthology series," which promises eight different stories about modern-day people who believe themselves to be the long-lost descendants of the last imperial family of Russia.

When Tsar Nicholas II and his family were executed in 1918, rumors swirled that his daughter, Anastasia, had secretly escaped, spawning conspiracy theories that the family lineage continues.

"We're at a place in our history where people are looking for a close connection to their roots, and for some kind of revelation about who they are," Weiner explained to Variety. in March of last year.

"There's great debate about who is a Romanoff and what happened to the Romanoffs. The story for me is that we're all questioning who we are and who we say we are."

This is the third trailer for the series. Watch the second full-length look below:

An even earlier teaser was more like a title sequence and premiere date reveal with Prokofiev's iconic "Dance of the Knights" playing in the background. It took the full 72-seconds to get through a lengthy list of actors working on the project including Diane Lane, Amanda Peet, Aaron Eckhart, Corey Stoll, Andrew Rannells, and Paul Reiser, in addition to Hendricks and Slattery.

Amazon announced recently that unlike most streaming-first shows, The Romanoffs will roll out episodically with one new story released each week after a two-part premiere on October 12.

“The Romanoffs is an ambitious event series that will be the first-ever anthology released weekly on Prime Video,” Jennifer Salke, Head of Amazon Studios said.

“Filmed around the globe and featuring an incredible, star studded cast, each episode will be a surprise gift to the audience. We are grateful to Matthew Weiner for bringing this groundbreaking series to life for our Prime audience.”

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