Wales Bonner Sets Foot in Florence for SS23 "Horizon Blues"

English designer Grace Wales Bonner is dreaming of a romantic and whimsical season, unveiling her eponymous brand's Spring/Summer 2023 collection "Horizon Blues," starring model Binx Walton.

Captured by renowned 27-year-old photographer Tyler Mitchell, the offering is illuminated by its backdrop of Florence, Italy, painting a picture of golden hour rendezvous. "It's an honor to continue expanding my ongoing collaborative relationship with Wales Bonner. I was extremely excited to photograph Walton, a friend and one of my favorite models. There was a magic energy that day and I'm glad we elegantly captured it," the artist shares in an exclusive press release.

The collection introduces Wales Bonner's jewelry and footwear collection, vastly expanding the fashion label's categories. The inaugural capsule of accessories are handmade by local artisans in Krobo, Ghana, whereas the brand's debut assortment of shoes are produced in Italy in tandem with Himco. Featuring sumptuous suede sandals and loafers enrobed in deep shades of red and blue, while vivacious zebra and leopard prints add a sense of playfulness to cobblestone strolls. Elsewhere, heeled ankle boots, bearing pointed toes arrive in a classic shiny black leather, alongside an edgy silver studded option. Walton is outfitted in the intricately designed Java Macrame dress is handcrafted with Ghanian wood and artisanal recycled glass beads.

"I love the intimacy of these images that depicts the strong friendship between Binx and Tyler. The photographs record a special moment in time for us and highlight the craftsmanship and care that goes into making these unique pieces," Bonner adds.

Indulge in a bit of wanderlust and take a look at Wales Bonner's SS23 "Horizon Blues" collection in the gallery above.