Vulpix and Ninetails join Pokémon Sleep just in time for Entei event

GHENT, WV (WVNS) – Pokémon Sleep users have a lot to look forward to in May 2024! Entei is set to make its debut late during May, but it is not the only fiery arrival!

Entei blazes into Pokémon Sleep

Those looking to snag Entei might remember that, as we have learned from the Raikou event, having a pokémon that shares the legendary pokémon’s type on their research team will make it easier to power up the assigned snorlax and, by extension, make encountering that legendary a little easier. Entei is a fire type pokémon, so trainers will be looking to add pokémon of that type to their teams come the event.

To help with the task, one of the most recognizable and iconic fire type pokémon will be available during sleep research starting on May 6, 2024 at 3 p.m. Vulpix and its evolution, Ninetails, will start appearing in Greengrass Isle, the first area you can unlock, and Taupe Hollow.

Additionally, changes were announced to further help with the upcoming Entei event. A new item is set to be added – fire type candy. This candy can be exchanged for any fire type pokémon’s candy. This will prove to be a helpful way to power up and evolve those fiery friends as the legendary event draws closer.

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Other changes were also announced. This includes the addition of a feature where even pokémon with 100 energy will gain a small amount of energy from meals. Summer events were also teased, promising more types of candy and a new feature to help you feel closer to your pokémon – one promising better benefits from your pokémon partners the more you rest with them.

With new additions on the horizon, the Entei event coming to the game, and some fan-favorite pokémon making their debut, May is set to be a busy month, but one where trainers will certainly want to get plenty of sleep to ensure they make the most out of it.

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